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Why are Full Stack Developers Needed and The Difference Between Three Developers?

Press Release: April 01, 2020


Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is an expert who is able to work on both the front end and back end of any sort of application. These professionals are acquainted with each layers of the three tier model. The three layers are:

  • The front end which deals with the user interface
  • The back end layer which deals with the data validation
  • The database layer

One can become a master of the three layers during a full stack developer course.

The Need of a Full Stack Developer

There may be several reasons for a company to hire a full stack developer. They are:

  • A full stack developer would be responsible to maintain every component of the system and keep it in working condition.
  • The recruitment of a full stack developer is not only cost-effective but also saves the organization personnel and infrastructure too.
  • The full stack developer assists team members, minimizes technical costs and the duration of team communication.


For that reason, one should enroll in a full stack developer course


The Difference Between a Full Stack Developer, Front-End and a Back-End Developer

There is a huge difference between a front end developer, back-end developer and a full-stack programmer. They are:

A front end developer is one who works on the visual presentation of the website. This person generally has in-depth knowledge of coding and designing. To simplify, a front end developer is one who not only has the knowledge of the various design tools but can also script the framework of the specific website with HTML and style it with CSS.

A Back- end developer‘s role could include a variety of tasks starting with database creation. Integration to security and concludes with the restoration and back-up of the technologies. In simple words, they work on ‘under the hood “ of the application.

On the other hand, a full stack developer is one who can work on the visual presentation of the website as well as database creation and management. They use languages, frameworks and technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML and PHP.

A professional can explore more about their role in a full stack developer course.




 How can one Become a Full Stack Developer?

Students can become one by gaining a wide-range of skill-sets. One needs to know the following skills:

  • Front-end technologies: One requires having extensive knowledge of diverse front-end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. In addition to this, one should also know third –party libraries such as JQuery and Angular-Js. One could get this knowledge in a full stack developer course.
  • Programming Languages: A full stack developer must have the knowledge of one programming language amongst Python, Java, NET and Ruby.
  • Knowledge of Design: One could only become a competent full-stack developer if they have the knowledge of designing methods. Full stack developers who have the knowledge of design usually have an edge over the others.
  • Version Control System: The Version Control System (VCS) enables the full stack developer to keep track of the changes that are made in the database. The Version Control System and GIT helps them discover the latest codes, keep the code up-to date and make changes in codes written bt other developers without breaking that code.


One could only advance these skills in a full stack developer course; one could learn these skills from the best full stack developer training institute in Pune.


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