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WhoToTradeWith Emerges As The Best Site To Compare Trading Platforms

Press Release: July 23, 2020

WhoToTradeWith, a South Africa-based finance and technology company, has caused a lot of excitement among online traders and brokers. Within just a few months after its launch, the site has attracted thousands of users from across the globe.

WhoToTradeWith is popular because it simplifies looking for reliable trade brokers. It does this by listing the top stock brokers after doing thorough research and background checks.  It hasn’t been easy for traders to pick stock brokerage platforms that satisfy their security, learning, and investment needs. That’s where WhoToTradeWith comes in.

WhoToTradeWith is currently operational in South Africa and the UK and has big plans to expand to Europe this month.

Currently, the listings include forex brokers in South Africa and a few bitcoin trading platforms. But as it grows, the company will also list top 10 educational websites, and will also expand their blog to provide content that can help new traders learn about investing and trading. Not only that, but they will also review their existing set of YouTubers and influencers who discuss investing and trading and rank their content to help users find the best content with minimum effort.

The plat-from is easy to use because it has all the information about the top trading platforms they list. The information includes the commissions and fees they charge, the minimum deposits, financial instruments traded, the services offered. Most of these brokers deal with cryptocurrencies, forex,  commodities, stocks, and CFDs.

“Our aim is to help investors find the right stockbroker that suits their need in the quickest time possible ,” Says Jason, the Founder, and CEO of WhoToTradeWith

“Before we list any broker on WhoToTradeWith, we check their social validation, reliability, the services they support, their adherence to regulations, customer reviews, and operational cost; and it is only the brokers that meet our internal quality assurance standards that get listed on our platform,” adds Jason. 

The main aim of the company is to help users find the cheapest online trading platform South Africa that can address their unique needs.

All the top stockbrokers, Crypto Exchanges, and top FX & CFD brokers listed on WhoToTradeWith are regulated and licensed by the relevant authorities, meaning they provide sufficient security to clients’ investment.

About WhoToTradeWith 

WhoToTradeWith is not a trading broker but a company that lists the best online trading sites. It is essentially a broker comparison website that ranks traders according to the services they offer. The brokers listed are those that deal with stocks, forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. This means that WhoToTradeWith isn’t a stock advisory company, so any information provided on the website or their social media platforms shouldn’t be taken as advice but as information that makes it easy for traders to choose the best brokers.

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