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Whitten & Roy Partnership launches new ebooklet and workshop series to support sales leaders and teams throughout the Coronavirus crisis

Press Release: April 16, 2020

Leading international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership is today launching a new ebooklet with an accompanying workshop series to help business leaders and their teams through the current Coronavirus crisis.

Focused on managing attitude in challenging times, the free guide in the form of an ebooklet, titled “The One Thing That Changes Everything - From Overwhelm to Brilliance in Challenging Times”, shares important advice on how to boost collective mental wellbeing in order to access the best thinking of managers and their teams in the face of adversity.

Commenting on the current challenges, Roy Whitten, co-founder, whose PhD dissertation was on the subject of Transformative Learning and Change, says: “There are so many things around the Covid-19 crisis that have negative affects on people’s attitude: from the obvious health worries to financial challenges, domestic arrangements and logistical difficulties. Tragically, once the attitude is down people become reactive and operate suboptimally. With our ebooklet and workshops we hope to help businesses not only to adapt to the new situation but to also rise above it, to see future possibilities.”

Scott Roy, CEO and co-founder, adds: “Essentially our ebooklet and workshops all deal first with the problem under the obvious problems—the overwhelmed state of mind that prevents people from focusing accurately, thinking deeply, and acting wisely. Our intention is to provide a guide for sales leaders to use in helping their people to achieve the mental transformation required to meet all challenges, including this present crisis.”

Sharing the company’s own experience, the guide gives a blueprint for business leaders and sales managers to run a morale-boosting workshop for their teams during which they learn how to change everybody’s state of mind to move themselves and business operations forward.

The 90 minutes long workshop consists of a process based on Whitten & Roy Partnership’s unique teaching method that centers around the practice of elevating one's state of mind, what could be called one's attitude to the present challenge. When someone lifts their attitude, they naturally see things more clearly and act more effectively. Without that lift, responding creatively to challenging times is a significantly more difficult task.

The three-step process outlined in the guide consist of:

1.     Step: Noticing one’s mindset and recognizing overwhelm and its impact on happiness and productivity.
2.     Step: Catching the “mind at work” by spotting and analyzing its faulty interpretations.
3.     Step: Learning to generate brilliance with the help of a guided thought process that moves people from overwhelm and fear to acceptance, confidence and creativity.

The free ebooklet can be downloaded here: www.wrpartnership.com/booklet

In addition to the ebooklet, over the next couple of months Whitten & Roy Partnership is also running free online workshops for businesses, teaching them the three-step process in a virtual learning environment.

For businesses and managers interested in the workshops, all the information can be found here: www.wrpartnership.com/booklet

Since 2009 Whitten & Roy Partnership has led hundreds of sales transformation projects across in over 40 countries. Whitten & Roy Partnership works with a wide range of organisations, from large western commercial companies to small social enterprises in the developing world. The co-founders’ book on transforming sales results, Decision Intelligence Selling, is due to be published in September 2020.

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About Whitten & Roy Partnership:
Whitten & Roy Partnership is an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organizations transform their sales results. Founded in 2009 by sales experts Roy Whitten and Scott Roy, Whitten & Roy Partnership today comprises a network of consultants operating in 40 countries around the world.

Drawing on many decades of sales experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and with backgrounds in psychology and business development, Whitten & Roy Partnership offers an ethical and effective sales approach that is fit for use by socially minded organizations that are genuinely concerned with the well-being of their own people and the clients they serve.      

Whitten & Roy Partnership’s book on transforming sales results, Decision Intelligence Selling, is due to be published in September 2020.

For more information visit: www.wrpartnership.com
Facebook: @WRPartnership
Twitter: @WRPartnership

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