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March 9, 2010 Usually within 24 hours the symptoms of a whiplash injury can start to become apparent. In some cases, however, it may be several days before symptoms begin to settle in and make themselves noticeable. One of the most common symptoms includes dizziness that is accompanied by impaired vision, feelings of sickness and physical imbalance. Another symptom is nausea that causes the urge to vomit or creates problems with digesting food. Nausea from whiplash can also cause shivering.

Headaches, whether mild or severe migraines, which stem from the impact, can exert force on the brain and cause pains in the head to persist. Closely associated to these headaches or migraines are pains in the neck and shoulder where tissue damage has occurred. Pressure on the sensitive nerves in these areas can cause pains in the upper body and lower extremities as well. These tell-tale symptoms of whiplash are certain indication to visit your physician and document the injury, after which a whiplash injury claim should be filed. Whiplash compensation is available to replace lost wages and to pay for pain and suffering that result from a whiplash injury.

Filing a claim is the simplest way to get the process started. Many are discovering the no win, no fee process that allows the injured to file a claim for an injury that has occurred as far back as six years ago. The mass appeal of this process is that it requires only a few moments to fill out an inquiry form and provide availability to answer a few questions by phone. This new simplified process is gaining mass appeal and making it possible for the injured to step forward and receive their due.

The timeframe of the injury along with the severity can entitle you to a significant settlement when it comes to whiplash compensation. Suffering in silence is being brought to an end by many who are discovering that there is no need to worry about legal feels and that their whiplash injury is in fact significant enough to entitle them to compensation for the injury. The sooner a viable claim is made means that much sooner compensation can be on its way to cover uncovered medical expenses and to make a way for the injured to receive restitution for time lost and the hardship of the injury.

PI Compensation Claims specializes in whiplash injury compensation on a no win no fee basis. Fully trained legal accident claim solicitors who possess the expertise to build a case for claim around the incident have been working diligently for the benefit of those in the UK who have been injured and entitled to compensation for those injuries. Filing a claim is a simple process and bears on up front expense. The professionals at PI Compensations Claims offer the opportunity to receive the whiplash compensation deserved, even if the injury was several years ago. http://www.whiplash-compensation.me.uk/home

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