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Which is the Best vehicle check in the UK?

Press Release: November 28, 2020

Buying a used vehicle with good quality is a sensible option because it saves money and also fulfils the dream of getting a car. However, the buyer has to be clever enough to take a car value checker to be on the safer side while choosing the car.

Car analytics offers the best vehicle check in the city by giving the maximum number of inspections for free by entering only the register number of the vehicle and extremely reliable data for free.

How can I check my car value?

Whenever you are going to buy or sell a used vehicle, you should know the exact worth of the car, so that you can negotiate for a good deal with assurance.

You can check the value of the car by taking a basic check or a full vehicle check. All you need is to give the latest mileage of the vehicle as per the odometer reading and the registration number of the vehicle.

What are the factors that affect the value of my car?

Various factors influence the value of the car, here are five major factors that contribute to the decrease in the car value.

  • Time of purchase: The value of any car depreciates with the current market price and demand for the vehicle. If the vehicle is least demanded and the season is also unsuitable, then it reduces the value of the car.
  • Age of the vehicle: Depending upon the age of the car, the depreciation value increases, which ultimately reduce the worth of the car.
  • Mileage check: Mileage is a major factor that decreases the value of any used vehicle, lesser the mileage higher the value of the car. It means a vehicle with lesser miles on the road is more likely to worth higher than the one with higher mileage. 
  • Service and maintenance: The value of the used car can also be affected by the service and maintenance rendered by the previous owner. If the maintenance is poor, then automatically it influences the worth of the car. You can find this in the service history of the vehicle from the old owners.
  • Wear and tear: This factor contributes more that affects the value of the car. Since the damage on the parts like tyres, the engine increases with regular use.

Can I get a free motorbike check?

  • Yes, you can get a free motorbike check online through many used vehicle checking websites. Although motorbikes are cheaper than cars, the money spent to purchase a motor is also hard-earned. 
  • Therefore, carrying out a motorbike check is also as important as a car history check. Car analytics provides free motorbike check that includes all the checks as in the car check. It is also applicable to van check that provides for all the criteria.
  • The MOT history, vehicle specification, performance of the bike, import/export details, running cost and tax details etc. are added in the free motorbike check.

Buying any motors like car, motorbikes, van, or truck needs a complete vehicle check apart from a free check to examine all the factors to avoid any complication in the future.

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