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Which Cryptocurrency Exchange to Use in 2019?

Press Release: January 04, 2019

Ethx announces the launch and growth of their global exchange with friendly user interface for the masses with ease of use.

Trading of ethx coin with USD with an expansion in offerings to increase over other assets in the coming year throughout 2019.

The vision of ethx is to making blockchain accessible to masses through a friendly user interface with multiple options for users to fund/withdraw their account and with minimal fees as well.

Ethx have their online community over ethx.co which is regularly updated with resources to educate the users about the latest industry trends. At ethx, we believe that protecting users assets is the utmost importance to use and for this, we have security features like 2FA, Offline cold wallet storage, etc.

Apart from the exchange, we do frequent AMA session with the crypto influencers around the world over our forum to get the insights from the users and influencers side as well over time to time.

List of countries where ethx.co is now live:


Iceland, Kosovo, Malta, Estonia, Germany, France, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Netherland, Sweeden, Austria, Ukraine, Norway, and Denmark


Tajikistan & India


Zimbabwe, Uganda, Seychelles, and Somalia

Northern America:

Greenland & British Virgin island


Samoa, Tuvalu, Tonga, Solomon Island, and Fiji


Trinidad & Tobago

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