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When you're enthusiastic personnel hungry for gathering knowledge and experience, Urjaa Patel sets an example

Press Release: December 08, 2020

An Indian pursuing her dreams to become a Chef in Canada, Urjaa Patel, amid town girl who hails from Surat, located in a western part of India, a city well known for Diamond Polishing factories and Textiles exported worldwide from this ancient city. Having their roots very much deep in culinary, people of this city are very much sensitive about their cuisine and cultural food, well we can say their food is similar to French cuisine, only the difference is “Ingredients are different.”

Ever since the food shows started to make their marks on the Television media in past 10 years, the numbers are seen growth of kids who are getting more passionate about getting in to Culinary & Baking industry. No doubts, this Industry is seeing such a massive jump in the growth of development of World class cuisines getting fantastically remastered by some of the World leading Chefs. Her passion for working in the Kitchen since childhood and watching her mom and grandma pushed her to pursue her career in Culinary.

By the time she completed her Class 10th, she was clueless about where exactly she wanted to do further in the industry as everything she was aware about “Hospitality Management” and nothing more than that. She started to learn & understand more about more options that can be explored in this huge industry. She later decided to move further to learn Culinary and move further. Challenging part came to her when she completed her Class 12th and when the time came to select from where she can complete her education, she decided to complete her Culinary course from Canada and for the same she dropped One year to get the admission at Niagara College located in Niagara, Canada. While studying, she also started to work, she took her experience at World’s largest Burger Chain Mc.Donald’s that became her first starting career right when she started her education in Canada, later she joined World’s largest & renown Coffee chain Starbucks and she still kept working with them even today for continuous 3 years and counting.

During these 3 years time, she has kept building her knowledge about gastronomy, the art of plating, how to pair food as this is one big challenge in the Culinary industry. She got trained under many highly ranked Chef’s in the college from them she learnt great techniques of cooking food in the right way. Graduated in April 2019 in Culinary Management, she joined Canada’s rated Burger Joint in Niagara Falls, “Big Smoke Burger” known for their excellent handcrafted Burgers and amazing service, then after she joined Toronto’s Popular restaurant “Peter Pan Bistro” where she joined as a Cook.

“In this journey of Culinary” I’ve learnt a lot through exploration and experiencing working with some of the best and World Class places, I always dreamt to learn the best from the best and well experienced people and I’m actually getting everything I kept dreaming about ever since childhood. I still keep learning from everyone the best I can and the best Culinary experiences that I can provide to others through whom I learn from, even at Starbucks, I work here since 3 years and it is a learning experience for me every single day and that is how we can create some of the best experience as Learning never ends. As I was a first child of my parents, I always got chance to travel more with them as well as with my grandparents and for me exploration around the World started very early and it is obvious, everywhere you travel, you will always find new food and culture. Since my parents too were crazy watching Travel & Food show on the Television, I was always excited to see new episodes from famous explorers, this kept me fascinating to know more about the culture and food around the World.”


Urjaa Patel’s dedication for fulfilling her dream to be recognized as the master in culinary is pushing her forward to strengthen her career, coming from a Middle Class Gujarati family, she knows the traditional cuisines that are served in the Gujarati Homes and she’s always tried to present these traditional cuisines in a Modern formats to attract today’s crowd who are highly attracted to most social media food trends.


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