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When Will Online Food Delivery in Train Services Commence

Press Release: December 10, 2020

While the pandemic is almost in its third phase now, a lot of celebrations have already begun. Thanks to some positive news from scientists working on COVID-19 vaccine across the world and the results showing more than 90% efficacy now. Everyone can see a ray of hope to receive the shield in the form of vaccine by end of this year or early beginning of 2021. Online food delivery has already started with contact less delivery services in place. These positive signs have made people to start their food ordering online experience gain momentum again. The Indian Railway is still undertaking a lot of precautions in order to contain the possible modes of community transmission of infection. Online food delivery in train has not been permitted yet officially.

Everyone's wondering as when would online food booking in train services would commence again? While all the speculations are on, RailRecipe is making sure that the food delivery in train experience would be one of its kind once the services start again. What are the steps RailRecipe is undertaking to ensure safer food delivery in trains? Here are a few of the steps undertaken for delivery of food in train:

  • Strict Guidelines to Restaurant Partners: RailRecipe restaurant partner network has undergone a lot of amendments in terms of agreement in terms of food delivery partnership. Strict guidelines have been added to be followed by F&B operators impaneled with RailRecipe. Ensuring minimum contact during the whole food delivery process is of utmost concern. Keeping this in mind, the food preparation procedures need to be monitored close enough to offer the best in class services.
  • Packaging Guidelines: The food has to be in rich packaging containers which are air-tight and placed in sterilized paper carry bags which can be easily delivered without any much of contact with the food items.
  • Delivery Persons Attire Other Requirements Guidelines: Every delivery person which delivers food in the train needs to wear a proper delivery attire with masks and gloves during the delivery process. Also, regular temperature checks are a must for every delivery person and needs to be mentioned during each delivery process in order to ensure safer delivery.
  • Hourly Sanitisation of Delivery Desks and Frequent Contact Surfaces: Proper sanitisation of delivery desks are a must as they are most frequently touched surfaces. This is to ensure that any chance of infection is eliminated during the process.
  • Contactless Payment Handling: We encourage people to pay online in order to avoid currency handling or chaos of currency exchange during the delivery process. One can also get exclusive discounts on pre-paid orders of food on train. This is being promoted by RailRecipe with a view to minimize the point of contact during the food delivery process in train.

RailRecipe believes that everyone's safety is of prime concern and expects to deliver food in train as soon as the approval for the same comes in place. We hope that our measures suffices your trust in our food delivery system in train. If you are looking for ordering food for group even on airports or major bus routes, you can reach out to RailRecipe food advisor at 6287022786 or visit us for group food order requests or special Jain food in train requests on our website. RailRecipe ensures safer delivery of happiness in the form of food at your desk.

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