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When Technology Enters Event Planning!

Press Release: June 12, 2017

Are you looking for ways to lessen the workload and plan an upcoming event in the most efficient way possible? Here's a list of the best event planning apps that can help you out:


You may have created a long list of the tasks and their assignments, attendees, required items or resources and much more related to an upcoming event but this information may not be accessible to all the members of your team. Dropbox is an event planning app that lets you store all the relevant data in cloud. such that it is accessible for each and every member involved. This amazing app allows you to organize, upload and share all of your documents digitally and edit them whenever required.


Too many meal suggestions fro friends, family and relatives and loved ones can create a chaos. This is where Pepperplate steps in for your help! It helps make shopping lists, manage recipes, plan meals, share recipes and more.

The Cocktail App:

Need suggestions regarding glassware and garnishes for an upcoming party? The Cocktail App is the best choice to opt for. It provides users with a number of classic cocktail recipes and also suggests the best possible bar equipment you’ll need for assembly.


Evite is a highly efficacious event planning app that helps you with the creation and distribution of your party invitations. The app offers a variety of handcrafted invitations to choose from. You can instantly create enticing invitations for your party and track everything on the custom dashboard provided.

Simple Soiree:

This is the most popular and highest rated event planning app, specially designed for iPhone users. It lets you create your guest list, receives RSVP’s, shopping lists and a lot more. It further helps categorize shopping and to-do lists. Simple Soiree then exports your lists to email and records all the necessary details.

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