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When Should You Change Your Locks At Home, According To Expert Locksmiths

Press Release: December 03, 2020

Keeping your doors locked is one of the most basic ways of protecting your home from theft. But according to locksmith Philadelphia pros, there are certain, crucial times wherein homeowners should be compelled to change their locks. We listed them down in this article.

You’ve lost or misplaced your keys. Losing your keys can cause quite an inconvenience. Apart from hiring a 24/7 Locksmith service to help you get into your home, you should also consider replacing your locks so that no one can use your misplaced (or stolen) keys to break into your house.

Your locks are too old. Locks are subject to wear and tear. And the older they get, the easier they can be picked. To give you peace of mind, you should already replace all your old locks with brand-new ones.

You’ve broken up with your partner. While breaking up with someone or divorcing your partner is an emotionally draining experience, you should still gather your thoughts and have your locks changed. After all, your and your household’s safety can depend on it.

You’ve just moved into your home. If you move into a new apartment or any residential space, experts recommend that you undertake a residential lock change. You’ll never know how many duplicate keys the previous occupant has given to people within his or her circle.

You’ve given your keys to someone and they failed to return it. As absurd as it may sound, but there really are instances when you’d give your keys to a repairman or a service provider and he or she won’t be able to return it. To keep your home safe, it’s best to keep your locks changed.

You were a victim of home burglary. Experienced a break-in? As traumatic as it can be, you should take the necessary measures to prevent this situation from happening again. One immediate thing you have to do is asking a locksmith Philadelphia to change your locks. You should also consider doing this once there’s a report of home burglary within your neighborhood.

You want to better secure your garage. Garages are a vulnerable part of homes. If your garage is equipped with a simple or an old lock, it can be used to break into your home. Eliminate this weak spot by changing your lock into a safer one.

You want to make things more efficient. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are changing locks to simplify their life: They want to get that convenience of having one key for all their house doors. This option allows you to escape from the hassle of carrying too many keys or browsing for the right one during urgent situations.

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