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When great Indian art, fashion and food come together.

Press Release: June 25, 2016

On the 28 th and 29 th of June, 2016, a curated selection of art, inspired fashion and authentic Indian cuisine, come together at Indigo Dreams; a unique event at London’s famed authentic India restaurant, La Porte des Indes.

Indigo Dreams is coordinated by Visual Art, featuring three artists - Nabibaksh Mansoori, Nayan Kisnadwala, Suchi Chidambaram and fashion designer Vaishali.

The event will open its doors from 12 noon to 9:30pm, where visitors can also make lunch or dinner reservations.

Exhibitor Profiles

Nabibaksh Mansoori

Nabibaksh was born in 1966 in Idar, Gujarat, where he currently lives and works.He obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, from the M. S. University of Baroda, in 1992.

Nabibaksh unique perspective on color is strongly reflected in his work – a multitude of daring brusque hues, layered imagery - sometimes dream-like, a vivid use of light; all combining to drum up energy in paintings that leap out at you.

Nayan Kisnadwala

Nayan V Kisnadwala, is a banker by profession, whose dormant passion for art was re-ignited, as he worked to make a living.

Signing his works as Nayanmitra, Nayan draws inspiration from symbolism and the scriptures. His art engages with color therapy and numerology, to create positive vibrations. Nayan lives and works out of London.

Suchi Chidambaram

Suchi’s paintings express the energy, motion and vibrancy of places that she has a close association with: India where she grew up, and London where she lives and works. Suchi trained under K. C. Murukesan, an abstract landscape artist from Southern India.

Drawn to views of cities, their people, the architecture and the absorbing stories behind them, Suchi paints these from her distinctive memory of these places,often driven by her emotions.

Vaishali S

Vaishali Shadangule draws fashion inspiration from her ability to observe and listen; leaving her designs to speak for themselves.

Vaishali’s creations, promoted under the ‘S’ label, conjure up heady concoctions,where a glamorous, modern silhouette, is stirred with honest loom fabric and sprinkled with the fragrance of soil from distant Indian villages. Vaishali lives and works in India.

In London, call 020 72240055 or email us london.reservations@laportedesindes.com for information or lunch and dinner reservations.

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