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When do Donor Eggs become a Fertility Treatment Option?

Press Release: July 18, 2018

Having a baby is not equally easy for all women. Fortunately, modern fertility treatments allow many women to become mothers.

Women who are struggling with conception due to a medical issue may benefit from donor eggs with IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization).

While some of you may wonder whether giving up a biological link to your baby would be heartbreaking, so many others have experienced their concerns simply melting away when they hold their baby in their arms for the first time.

Your fertility specialist can diagnose your condition and objectively assess your situation and help you make an informed decision about the best treatment option for you.
Are you a candidate for donor eggs?

Your fertility specialist may recommend donor eggs if you one or more of the following –

• Advanced maternal age
• Diminished ovarian reserve
• Repeat IVF (in vitro fertilization) failure
• Repeated IVF cancellations due to poor ovarian response
• A sex-linked or heritable genetic disorder

If your fertility doctor recommends donor eggs as the best treatment option for having a baby, take your time to get used to the idea. If you and your doctor agree to try other fertility treatments first, by all means, do so. But women who have been undergoing fertility treatments with no success despite their doctor’s advice to go for donor eggs may be wasting precious time and resources.

Think about how much you want to be a mother. Moving toward donor eggs can be a big decision, so take your time and give it some serious thought before you go ahead. Ask yourself whether a biological or genetic link to your child is more important or you would rather have a child and pass down your values and traditions and love of family to him/her.

While you may need time to accept the fact that the baby may not have your eyes or hair, there is no mom who looks at her donor-conceived child and regrets bringing him or her into the world. In fact, they always say that the baby was the one they were always meant to have.

If you’re considering donor eggs, talk to an experienced fertility specialist who can help you decide whether the option and the time is right for you.

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