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Wheelchair Accessories - Added Comfort & Assistance

Press Release: March 17, 2010

Although the latest wheelchair designs offer a comfort that is unrivalled in comparison to previous models, patients can always do with the bonus of additional comfort and assistance to ease tension in both muscles and joints.

Mobility specialists, Collins Care work to provide wheelchair accessories that help mobility sufferers stay mobile and on the move. The basic premise of using a wheelchair sounds simple enough, but the physical effects of using a wheelchair over time can cause calluses and blisters to develop. Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves work to absorb perspiration and improve overall grip when pushing and steering.

For mobility sufferers who find themselves in their wheelchair on a regular daily basis, the need for a comfortable cushion on the wheelchair seat is of paramount importance to relieve pressure points that can create painful sores and rashes. The Gel/Foam Wheelchair Cushion is one of the most advanced cushion wheelchair accessories on the market. A combination of silicone gel and foam maximises comfort for long periods.

Wheelchair users venturing outside will want to be sheltered and protected by the elements. The innovative and simple, Wheelybrella provides optimum protection from rain as well as the rays of the sun in the height of summer. The umbrella can be positioned in numerous angles at the back of the wheelchair for complete rain and sun protection.

Although the Wheelybrella is an extensive mobility product, the most beneficial wheelchair accessory would be to purchase a Wheely Mac or Wheely Poncho that is fully waterproof to protect the skin from saturation. These such products are also effective against colder temperatures, with the Wheely Cosy maintaining the much vaunted waterproof features as well as an incredibly snug fur lining for ultimate heat retention.

Visit http://www.CollinsCare.co.uk for a great range of wheelchair accessories. At Collins Care we believe in putting customers' needs first and ensuring they get the mobility product they require. Collins Care will help you identify your actual requirements and save unnecessary expenditure.

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