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What3words Named The UK's Most Disruptive Company, as the Disruption50 Index 2019 is Published

Press Release: September 14, 2019

AppyWay and Olio take 2nd and 3rd place, as revealed at Disruption Summit Europe.

what3words, a revolutionary location service, AppyWay, an app to solve the urban parking problem, and food sharing platform OLIO were judged by a combination of expert humans and AI to be the UK companies making the most of the business and societal opportunities to impact the world today.

LONDON, Sept 2019, 2019 D/SRUPTION the business intelligence platform and disruptive innovation magazine, has today announced the final positions in its Disruption50 Index. The index is a ranking of companies that celebrates those businesses innovating and leading the way in our rapidly changing world, produced in partnership with Hotwire.

what3words soared to the top of the Index with their ingenious solution for location data, which goes beyond GPS and maps by creating an ultra specific three word passkey for any location in the world.

Chris Sheldrick, cofounder and CEO of what3words said:

“There are so many amazing businesses in the UK who are changing behaviours and how people go about their everyday lives. For us to be considered at the top end of that is something that makes us hugely proud,” said, after receiving the award.

AppyWay also taps into advanced location technology with a free consumer parking app and paid-for commercial app using big data from partner organisations like local councils, encouraging cross-sector collaboration and making cities more accessible.

Ben Boutcher-West, Head of Mobility at AppyWay said:

“We’re really pleased to come runner up, second to what3words, which is a fantastic company and congratulations to them. What’s really interesting about a lot of the top 50 companies is the focus on the social element. For us, it’s great recognition that the market is ready and keen for what we do.”

The third most disruptive company in the Index, OLIO, has an app which allows users to share unwanted or surplus food, helping to develop sharing economy mindsets, provide a platform for waste avoidance, and build local communities.

Tessa Clarke, cofounder and CEO of OLIO, said,

“I’m absolutely blown away by winning one of the top three in the Disruption50 Index. Every day, we’re challenging convention, we’re challenging the norm. It can be really hard work, so it’s lovely to get some affirmation and that’s what this award does.

The Top 50 companies

The top 50 includes startups, scale-ups and more established companies across industries including retail, banking, aviation, financial services, fashion and data, and utilising technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, IoT and AI.

Nigel Watson, one of the judging panel and Chief Innovation Officer of Northumbrian Water, said:

“Judging this competition simply made me feel more optimistic about the future of the world. There are some incredibly smart people working on solving some really wicked problems.”

The top 50 companies (in ranked order) are:​​

1 what3words www.what3words.com
2 AppyWay www.appyway.com
3 OLIO www.olioex.com
4 amicable www.amicable.io
5 Change Please www.changeplease.org
6 Onfido www.onfido.com
7 Depop www.depop.com
8 Immense Simulations www.immense.ai
9 CupClub www.cupclub.com
10 Advanced Sustainable Developments www.advanced-sd.com
11 Isaak by StatusToday www.statustoday.com
12 Perlego www.perlego.com
13 Provenance www.provenance.org
14 Forward Health www.forwardhealth.co
15 Vidsy https://vidsy.co
16 Metail www.metail.com
17 Currencycloud www.currencycloud.com
18 ZapGo www.zapgo.com
19 CitizenMe www.citizenme.com
20 Natures Menu www.naturesmenu.co.uk
21Agilitas www.agilitas.co.uk
22 iamYiam www.iamyiam.com
23 PragmatIC https://www.pragmatic.tech/
24 Darktrace www.darktrace.com
25 Callsign www.callsign.com
26-30 Wirex www.wirexapp.com
26-30 OurPath www.ourpath.co.uk
26-30 Dinghy www.getdinghy.com
26-30 uMotif www.umotif.com
26-30 TransferGo www.transfergo.com
31-40 Drover www.joindrover.com
31-40 Bidooh www.bidooh.com
31-40 Elder www.elder.org
31-40 MysteryVibe https://world.mysteryvibe.com/
31-40 RootWave www.rootwave.com
31-40 Limitless Technology Limited www.limitlesstech.com
31-40 Electron www.electron.org.uk
31-40 Expend www.expend.io
31-40 Altitude Angel https://www.altitudeangel.com/
31-40 Trussle www.trussle.com
41-50 Vet-AI www.joiipetcare.com
41-50 Monese www.monese.com
41-50 HALO COFFEE LTD https://halo.coffee
41-50 Medopad www.medopad.com
41-50 EVRYTHNG www.evrythng.com
41-50 Incuto www.incuto.com
41-50 Globacap www.globacap.com
41-50 Exscientia Ltd www.exscientia.co.uk
41-50 Thunderhead www.thunderhead.com
41-50 Bought By Many www.boughtbymany.com

The final rankings were revealed on the 10th of September during a presentation by Matt Cross, Head of B2B EMEA for Hotwire, at Disruption Summit Europe, attended by 700 innovation leaders. After the award presentations, a panel representing the top 10 discussed their innovation approaches and vision.

On the winners panel were:
Ahmed Detta, CEO & Founder, Advanced Sustainable Developments
Pip Wilson, CEO, amicable
Rachel Swidenbank, VP of Commercial, Depop
Robin North, CEO and Lead Technologist, Immense SImulations
Husayn Kassia, Co-founder and CEO of Onfido

Matt Cross, charing the panel said:

“A major trend identified from the DISRUPTION 50 finalists is an acute awareness and focus from brands on having some sort of social purpose or sustainability impact. Some fantastic examples of this include Provenance, driving transparency through the supply chain using a smart blockchain solution. Electron, a trading platform for distributed energy assets that will help us transition to cheaper, cleaner and more resilient energy sources. As well as Elder, matching families with live-in carers, nationwide, within 48 hours - absolutely critical in today's aging populations.

During the judging process we really had to take a deeper look at what that word "disruption” means. For me, real disruption means innovation with impact. The DISRUPTION 50 finalists needed to have more than just a good idea. They also had to have the complete package of great people, the ability to scale in the future, demonstrable traction and of course real advocacy.”

Tania Duarte, CMO of D/SRUPTION said:

“The index has uncovered some really encouraging indicators of the global impact UK businesses are having. Most of the Disruption50 operate in several countries in addition to the UK. Of these, 9 operate in more than 50 countries, with Wirex topping the list at 130 countries. And it’s important to note that disruptive innovation isn’t just coming from small startups. Although 12 of the Disruption50 were founded in the last 3 years, some have been around since the 1980s and 1990s, and over a third of the companies have over 100 employees.

Nearly a quarter of companies have one or more female founder, and this is something we hope to see increasing in the 2020 Index.”

The Disruption50 Index report is available as a download with a free subscription to D/SRUPTION. It includes profiles of these innovative businesses and their impact, a breakdown of trends across the companies, and listings of all companies who made the top 100, and a selection of companies to watch out for.

For further information please contact tania.duarte@disruptionhub.com

To download the Disruption50 Index report go to https://disruptionhub.com/reports/disruption50-report/

To register interest in Disruption50 2020 go to https://disruption50.com/register-interest-in-the-disruption50-2020/

To view the top 100 companies go to https://disruption50.com/ones-to-watch/

To find out more about Hotwire go to https://www.hotwireglobal.com/

To find out more about Unanimous AI and Swarm technology go to https://unanimous.ai/



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About the Judging Process

D/SRUPTION teamed up with Hotwire, the global communications agency, on the Disruption50 to help evaluate the tech and innovation changing the business landscape in 2019. After receiving applications from a wide range of companies from across industries, a shortlist was submitted to an expert judging panel. Judges scored each applicant on their fulfilment of 10 criteria. This included broad indicators of disruption such as fast growth, replacing incumbents and changing the structure of their market.

The cross-industry panel included:
Parul Kaul-Green - Head of AXA NEXT Labs Europe - AXA
Angela Bates - Programmes Leader IBM Developer Ecosystems Group - IBM
Hamish Graham, Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London Manager, Pfizer
Laura Turkington - Innovation Lead - Vodafone
Nigel Watson - CIO - Northumbrian Water Group
Elena Novokreshchenova - VP of Europe - Remitly
Ingrid Silver - Partner - ReedSmith
Monica Parker - Founder - Hatch Analytics
Helene Panzarino - Managing Director - RAINMAKING COLAB
Rob Prevett - Founder & CEO - D/SRUPTION
Matt Cross - Head of B2B, EMEA - Hotwire
Norma Dove-Edwin, Chief Data and Information Officer, Places for People
Daniel Saunders, Chief Executive Officer, L Marks
Frazer Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, PA Consulting
Alex Annaev, Enterprise Development Lead, Shell UK
Max Winograd, Global Director, Ventures & Open Innovation, Avery Dennison
Neal Gandhi, CEO, The Panoply
Amanda Kamin, Director of Marketing, Communications and Events, Digital Catapult

About Swarm AI

D/SRUPTION leveraged the power of Swarm Artificial Intelligence technology provided by Unanimous AI, which made it possible for judges to rank companies in a collaborative and comparative way. Rooted in deep science, the technology employs the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence — the process that allows flocks of birds, schools of fish, and swarms of bees to reach optimal decisions with remarkable efficiency. The Swarm asked judges to rank companies based on their potential to disrupt an industry or service, as well as how likely they would be to significantly impact society, business, and business models across sectors.

Notes to editors

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