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What we can learn from Recruitment in the North Pole

Press Release: December 13, 2018

Logistics companies worldwide often look to the North Pole as the best-in-class benchmark for how it ships a diverse range of products to almost 2 billion customers across more than 200 million square miles in a single day. However, distribution is not the only aspect in which they excel with them consistently raising the bar across other business functions. Those of us in HRTech and recruitment can also learn a lot from their award-winning sourcing, hiring, onboarding and learning & development initiatives.
What Recruiters can learn from Recruitment in the North Pole
Team Sonru have put together an infographic, which provides a quick overview of the North Pole’s annual Poll of the Pole Recruiting Barometer..

Key Takeaways

72% of all workshop elves are fully STEM [Stuff ‘Techie’ Elves Make] Certified
North Pole are Video Interviewing Innovators having introduced Sonru in 2008
‘Checking it Twice’ procedures for borderline candidates
Pervasive Employer Branding strategy that utilises music, film, decorations, folklore and festivities
Remote Workforce via Elf on the Shelf / Roving Reporters, Grottos and On-Screen Talent / Brand Ambassadors
Gender Balance with female COO, Mrs. Claus
Candidate Engagement and more….
Check out the full infographic on the Sonru website.

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