Press Release: January 17, 2017

Who is an IT developer?
An IT developer, also called software developer, is a person who concerns with facets of the software development process comprising of the research, design, programming, and testing of computer software. Other job titles with similar meanings are often used such as:
• programmer
• software analyst
• software engineer
With high demand and salary potential, software developer is predicted to remain as one of the fastest-growing careers through the end of this decade.

JAVA Developer:
Java is a very popular programming language for developing applications from mobile applications to enterprise servers and supercomputers. It was developed aiming at providing a cross platform environment for software applications. Today, Java is presented everywhere through:
• mobile phones
• web systems
• enterprise applications
• desktop computers
• etc
Organizations and enterprises should hire a Java development company for achieving maximum benefits from their solutions.

DotNet Developer:
.Net is one of the most popular and powerful programming language in the World that creates highly vigorous web applications. Being a Microsoft's adventure, it permits users to develop ascendable, robust, and flexible applications in an isolated environment.
Dotnet development allows building advanced applications with customized features and functions. Users can deploy a web application that smoothens their business processes with the custom .Net development. They can also hire Dotnet professionals to create business centric applications.

Hadoop Developer:
Hadoop is an open source software platform for handling large amounts of data. It has been developed and managed by Apache software foundation with many other external developers who contribute to it.
Hadoop Developer can store huge data in computers from one single server to a cluster of individual servers. Data processing software is installed on each computer that belongs to the cluster and used to perform data processing activities.
Each of the computers in a cluster can individually and independently perform the data processing. In case of any hardware or network failure, it can be compensated by other computers on the cluster.

Linux Developer:
Linux is the fastest growing OS worldwide - as it is not only available in many different versions for free but consistent to much of the software and programs. In addition, Linux systems are resistant to the malware and security threats that many other operating systems keep remaining vulnerable to. Users don't have to invest in or concern themselves with antivirus programs or security suites at all.

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