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What to Do If You Miss On Your Grades?

Press Release: October 11, 2018

You may have just received your exam results, and to your surprise, you didn’t get the grades you expected. Disappointed to a good extent, it may seem like you are walking in darkness and lost your way on the road. But believe me, you will find a light at the end of the tunnel if you keep on going in the right direction.
There are times when students get heartbroken when they don’t the results they work hard for. In fact, they start to doubt their abilities to do well at their exams. Students in such situations must realize that getting poor grades or failing in your examinations is not the end of the world. They always have a second chance to come strongly and do well at them.
So what you should if you miss on the grades you need? Let’s find out below.
Don’t Panic
First and foremost thing you must remember is not getting into a panic situation, which of course is much easier said than done. Considering being on the losing site you may be done and out, completely disappointed with yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should lose your nerves and start making quick and bad decisions.
Nobody can guarantee you that you will feel good the next day when you wake up. But of course, you can try to calm your nerves and try to find out at which point you went wrong.
Don’t Avoid Discussions
Okay, you have earned poor grades in your exam and you are completely embarrassed because of it. But that doesn’t mean you should get inside your shell and not have any discussions to improve your performance.
Continuous self-criticism can have incredibly destructive consequences; therefore, it’s important to have discussions with different people that can help you out in times of distress. Your parents may be very unhappy due to your current academic performance but in the end, they will be willing to help you if you let them know your intentions to get things on track. Also, your teachers are a good resource of help when it comes to helping move in the right direction.
Try To Appeal
If you are in doubt and in the belief that there has been a mistake by the examiner check your papers, consider appealing. Formally request the examination board to recheck your papers as you are not happy or have any sort of doubts.
Things may or may not come into your favor, but you will get an inner satisfaction that your examination papers aren’t marked carelessly.
Consider Taking the Next Best Plan
Now that you have found that your current plan hasn’t worked as expected, switch to the second best one you have available in your hands.
For instance, if you missed on getting UCAS grades, consider universities at which you can take direct admissions or apply through the clearing system.
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