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What should you keep in mind while choosing an institute for CCNA Training in Pune?

Press Release: March 05, 2021

Everyone nowadays is very much concerned about their career growth and progress in life. People belonging to the IT sector know the value of Certifications and concern about grabbing them.
In the same hurry, people often ignore some important points to keep in mind while choosing the source of study for ease in their path of getting the certification. The following sections may help the candidate for choosing the right source of study and skills acquiring steps.

Is There Any Need For CCNA Certification Training?

Well, the answer to the above title depends on the individual. 
Breaking it into sections, let’s see what CCNA training would do for the candidate. The training will provide a deep and clear understanding of concepts related to CCNA including the implementation, deployment, configuration, troubleshooting and etc the devices used in network and security.
So, when it is about acquiring the knowledge and skills of CCNA certified professionals, then there are two ways to get it. Firstly one can directly join the jobs or join as an intern and learn the skills there, and the other is the training method before getting into the profile.
However, both ways have their own pros and cons. Focusing on training, training will be beneficial especially if you are a fresher or looking for a profile switch. Also, for those who are eager to learn the skills faster and deeper.

Features of a Good CCNA Training Course in Pune:

If the individual is determined to get the CCNA training and certification then the following are some key features that should be checked by the candidate before enrolling on the CCNA training course in Pune.
  • Prefer Instructor-led Live training: most of the institutes provide instructor-led live training but there is the availability of recorded course packages too. However, the recorded sessions help the candidate the same way but live sessions allow the candidate to clear out his/her doubt with the instructor directly.
  • Recorded sessions of training sessions: confirm with the institute that whether they provide the recorded videos of the online live sessions or not. Recorded videos can help the candidate to take the reference in future even if it’s off the session time.
  • Virtual Labs: a very important feature to keep in mind, since virtual labs are the source that will provide hands-on practice in a real-time project like environment.
  • Quality Study Material: go for some samples and check whether the quality of the content in the study resources provided by the institute is up to the level required or not.
  • Experienced Guidance: usually the instructors in the institutes are well experienced and qualified but for the safe side, it is recommended to know the details of the instructor who will be delivering the batch.
  • Have a check on the Objectives and Topics covered in the course: a very important point to be kept in mind by the candidate, one should check and match the syllabus offered by the institute and the updated syllabus available on the official site.
  • Duration of the batch: if a batch drags for months, then the batch is for no use, these certifications get updated over a period of time and the candidates should not be stuck on the older version for long.
  • Weekdays or Weekends: if the candidate is already a working professional then it is important for the candidate to manage the time schedule accordingly. Hence, keep time management in mind while enrolling in a batch.
These are some of the measures a candidate should do while choosing and enrolling in the course.

Who should join the CCNA training course in Pune?

The technical training courses are aimed at and focused on some specific certification or skills acquisition. Hence, the audience for the CCNA training course gets sorted by here with the majority. That is to say, the very first targeted audience of the CCNA certification training course are those who want to get the title of CCNA certified and qualify for the CCNA certification examination.
Moving on, the training course belongs to those who want to acquire the relevant skills of securing the network and assisting in the performing network design. 
While talking about the designations or job profiles who should prefer the training for ease in their job roles as this training may allow them to learn a new concept of the same device or tools they have been using. Some of such job profiles are:-
●     Network Administrator
●     Av installer
●     Network Engineer- Designer
●     Project Manager
●     Network Engineer
●     Network Security Specialist
●     Data-center Network Administrator.
So, if someone belongs to any of these categories, he/she may prefer to get the CCNA training in Pune in accordance with their convenience. 
Also, if talking geographically, it is not important for anyone to be in the location of Pune only. There are institutes that provide online training too and they are accessible from anywhere. 

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