Press Release: December 07, 2009

www.standard09.co.uk is a brand new approach to online networking for Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, Assistants, Designers and Creatives surrounding the Fashion Photography Industry.

Creatives are able to network with fellow industry professionals, arrange photoshoots, comment on creatives portfolio's and receive constructive criticism, enter weekly competitions, join the forums, apply for jobs, and more importantly - expose their portfolio's to a relevant audience.

Initially, www.standard09.co.uk is to be aimed at the UK market but will eventually expand into Europe and then take over the World.

Administrators are in place for the site so that we can accept / reject every signup form, this way - we can reject all the spam merchants and all the dirty photographers that are out there, leaving only the best in the UK to be on standard.

We also encourage new face models and upcoming photographers to join the site aswell as industry professionals, this way - the newcomers can learn vital skills and network with Industry Professionals to gain invaluable experience. Student Photographers are also encouraged to post their portfolio online at standard09.co.uk to either develop their skills or to take that first step into the real world of Fashion Photography.

We are mainly targeting creatives surrounding the Fashion Industry, whether they be model agencies, models, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, assistants or designers, it doesn't matter - if you're involved, you can join. Also, it is FREE to join, with the option to upgrade the portfolio at a later date. Upgrading schemes are in place, choosing the amount of images in your portfolio along with other benefits such as private messages and shout outs.

To hear the latest news on Standard, plus info about model jobs, sign up to our newsletter. http://www.standard09.com/

Website Launch: Friday 4th December 6pm


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