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What’s really hidden in the UK’s storage units?

Press Release: May 19, 2015

The concept of a storage unit is quite simple: you rent a secure, dry space in a large storage facility, where you can keep your items safe for however long you want. Most of us have been inside one at some point and there is a kind of exciting mystery as you make your way through a maze of locked doors. And, as a number of reality TV shows have recently proved, they can give us some particularly interesting stories. Here are Magenta staff’s favourite storage unit tales.

1. Abandoned Treasure

Do you fancy bidding to buy the contents of an abandoned storage unit? Think you might end up with a valuable treasure trove for a bargain price? Unfortunately, the reality is that 90% of units disposed of or sold off at auction due to long-term non-payment are just full of old household goods. But occasionally, they do reveal a hidden gem. For example, one abandoned unit at Magenta St.Albans contained a huge number of highly collectable Corgi toy cars, first produced in 1956. Some were valued at £60, and the total value of the unit came to over £4000.

2. Sofa Cash Stash

It’s common to find a few coins down the back of the sofa, but sometimes there’s a more interesting stash hiding alongside the crumbs. When a second-hand furniture shop bought the contents of an unclaimed storage unit, little did they know that £20,000 was hidden in a battered old sofa! (Don’t worry, it was handed in to the police.)

3. The Eccentric Pianist

Magenta Nottingham had a wealthy customer whose constant piano playing was causing his wife a headache. Did he find himself a quieter hobby? Gardening, for instance? No, he rented a large storage unit to house his grand piano and popped in daily to tickle the ivories. Thankfully for the staff, he was really rather good!

4. Short-term Studio

Photographers have an innate creative streak, but we really like this out-of-the-box thinking! In Magenta Acton, one photographer hired two units for a recent project: one to use as a studio and one to store the products he was shooting. The benefits? Quick set-up times; minimal distractions; reduced travel; optimal use of time. With 1-week hire periods and insurance included, using storage units for this type of project is a great option.

5. Burlesque Dancers

Magenta Nottingham has 24hr access (like all our units) in the city centre, but the night shift is notoriously quiet. However, things were made more colourful when a team of burlesque dancers hired a unit as a changing room and equipment storage; arriving at all hours for their theatrical transformation. Magenta Manager, Darren Buckingham, commented with a smile “volunteers for the night shift noticeably increased within the ladies rental period”.

6. The Fanatical Fan

You’ll like this – not a lot, but you’ll like it! Possibly Paul Daniel’s biggest fan rented space at Magenta St.Albans to safely store his huge collection of memorabilia. The TV show ‘Superstars and Superfans’ filmed an interview about the collection, which filled a 150ft unit and included VHS tapes, posters, clothing and more.

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