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What Milan New Years Eve Has For You In Store

Press Release: November 16, 2018

They say that if you would like to find out the truth about a city, you should ask a taxi driver. The wisdom at the back of that is that they know the roads, and have chatted to locals for a long time, making them more dependable than any guidebook. Well, Now I am not a taxi driver, but I am another most sensible thing: I am just a Milan airport transfer driver, and am usually keen to offer my people recommendations on how to enjoy Milan new years eve. Nevertheless, the true interest occurs in the return trip - hearing passenger feedback has provided me a genuine insight into which of Milan's sightseeing highlights is actually worth your time and effort. Here are a number of the options I have acquired through the years:

The Duomo

The iconic church is among the first things Milan new years eve holiday lovers are thinking about seeing whenever they visit. In most cases, individuals who have visited the well-known building are filled with praise for it is a beauty as well as stunning architecture, even though a few have mentioned that its inner parts are relatively drab and boring. What everyone says though is that you need to make sure to mind to enjoy your Milan holiday. Though it costs a few Pounds to take the stairs or lift, I have lost count of the number of passengers who have not had the opportunity to praise the spectacular views of the town enough! The consensus is that a trip to the Duomo is an important part of any Milan sightseeing holiday, even though you are not Catholic!

La Scala Opera

The opera home isn't to everyone's preferences, at all, but if you love your traditional music dearly or just believe that La Scala is something you should encounter, Milan vacation makers are impressed... if they will get a solution! The majority of the seat tickets are like precious metal - and paying out a little money will not mean it is possible to see. Certainly, most of the chairs are branded listening only, while others are written neck stress viewing to get a good view of the overall performance.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

The home of Inter and AC Milan gets a unique compliment from people of the city. Although a lot simply take the stadium tour (which, be warned is not available on match days), many of my shuttle customers enjoy matches. The tip is to take another tier chairs when possible - as you can walk in the spiral ramps to reach your seat, getting some very nice sights along the way, and getting a marvelous view of the whole thing. Prices are favorably the same to watching soccer in other parts of the world. Much less expensive than watching a Premiership game, and arguably a much better standard of football! It might not be considered a conventional part of Milan sightseeing, but my travelers have praise for one of the most famous stadia in Europe.

Castello Sforzesco

Many castle fans I have met state that the Castello Sforzesco is not just visually attractive, but also a remarkable understanding into the country's middle-age history. It is not - like many British castles - equipped in time fittings, but rather homes a huge selection of artifacts, antiques as well as relics through the city's background. If that is one thing you enjoy, I am reliably informed you will be busy here all day long!

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