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What makes the UKs Happiest Team so Happy?

Press Release: December 08, 2017

What Makes the UK's Happiest Team, Happy?

A team of solution-focused Hypnotherapists - Inspired to Change - has recently won the award for UK's Happiest Team' at the Laughology National Happiness Awards.

Based around the country, this team of eight specialists in neuroscience has created an infrastructure (a vision and a model with an ethos and culture to support it) that actively promotes and generates the chemicals that literally create ‘happiness’ in human beings:

Every day they share what’s been good on their online forum which keeps the serotonin (the happy hormone) flowing.
Every week they focus on a specific action that will make them more successful with thought-provoking questions which creates positive dopamine (the action hormone) urges.
Every month they have a group growth call where we both seek and provide help and support which keeps us pumped up with oxytocin (the hug hormone).
Twice a year they have a conference to boost them and their businesses where they refocus on their vision, so that we have a direction and a sense of purpose; create a plan of action, so that they know how they're going to get there; hold each other accountable, so that they feel both stretched and secure, and celebrate their successes so that their confidence and self-esteem is high - which releases a cocktail of endorphins (feel-good hormones).
The team won the award in November at second ever Happiness awards organised by training consultancy, Laughology.

Further information from Inspired to Change

In the past, we were the music teacher, the scientist, the fundraiser, the pharmacist, the copywriter, the business coach, the psychology graduate, the salesman and the linguist!

It sounds like the cast of an eighties brat pack film, but it’s not – it’s the cast of Associates at Inspired To Change Ltd, the leading provider of solution-focused Hypnotherapy Services and the happiest team in the UK!

We’re not a traditional team based in an office. We each run our own businesses and we are scattered all over the country. In fact, it’s only twice a year that we all get together in the same room.

So, you might be wondering how can we even be a team, let alone the happiest in the UK? Well, teamwork and happiness are at the core of everything that we do for our clients and for ourselves. A shared vision with common values and goals BINDS us together whilst a commitment to doing what we love, playing to our strengths and celebrating success is what makes us THRIVE together. We know from experience that as ‘people’ people, running a business is not a high priority for therapists which is why so many fail early on in practice. But it’s not just the lack of business or marketing understanding and experience that holds them back – for many, it’s the lack of a supportive team environment that prevents them from succeeding because working 1-2-1 with people who are struggling can be isolating (and in all honesty, a bit gloomy!)

So, as a team of specialists in neuroscience, at Inspired To Change, we have created an infrastructure (a vision and a model with an ethos and culture to support it) that actively promotes and generates the chemicals that literally create ‘happiness’ in human beings.

Every single one of us is clear about our vision for our practice and our life, we know what we need to do to get there, we are encouraged daily with posts in our shared online forum, challenged weekly with growth focused discussion topics, supported monthly with online accountability meetings and developed twice a year with a live training conference.

Together we use our shared knowledge of how the brain works and the solution-focused approach to create an environment where the fear, overwhelm and isolation which is often experienced by therapists is minimized and where they can thrive! As a result, our clients thrive, our individual practices thrive and so does Inspire To Change Ltd.

As a team, we are consistently creating brand new programs in our specialist niches and gaining a name as experts in our specialist fields. We are consistently coming up with new marketing ideas and campaigns, writing for publications, being interviewed on radio, being sought after as speakers and lecturers in hypnotherapy and we are now running four Hypnotherapy Training Schools in Peterborough, Kent, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

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