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What It Feels Like Being Back In a Gaming Bus After the Lockdown - Reopening on 11/07

Press Release: July 10, 2020

Manchester based mobile gaming van company, The Station Wagon is ready to make up for all the missed birthday parties in the United Kingdom. Company owner Andy has talked to us about how it felt like going back  to work and making sure that all the kids and family members are safe. 

Gaming Parties Restarting on the 11/07

“The past few months were hard for us. We had to cancel so many gaming parties that kids were looking forward to. However, that was the right thing to do. Once we had the heads up from the Government that we could reopen, we immediately introduced some health and safety guidelines. It was good to see all the smiles back in the bus!”

Safety Procedures at the Gaming Bus

Just like other companies in the entertainment industry, The Station Wagon Gaming Bus was forced to close to keep customers safe. They were busy updating the consoles and the bus and invested in advanced hygiene equipment ready for reopening. 

  • Limiting the number of players to 8 to comply with social distancing guidelines
  • Using an air steriliser before starting the party
  • UV sterilisation of all surfaces 
  • Face masks are compulsory
  • All players have to use a hand sanitiser before entering the gaming bus
  • The management will check the temperature of all players before entering the bus

Is It Safe to Bus a Gaming Party Van?

With the R numbers being relatively low, families that had to postpone their parties can book their event with confidence. The hygiene precautions above are making the gaming van a much safer option than arcades or friends’ homes. 

“We are really excited to see the kids have fun again! Ready to take bookings from the 11th of July again and bringing fun to families’ doorstep.”

Andy, owner-manager of The Station Wagon Manchester Gaming Van 

Notes to editors

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