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What is the difference between granite and marble-Gangadhara Exports

Press Release: May 18, 2020

First of all, let us understand if a marble is the same as granite. Marble is not the same as granite. It is a fact that both of them are natural stones. However, you will be able to find a number of differences between them. Gangadhara Exports are also Natural Stone Exporters & Suppliers in Rajasthan, India, and Marble & Marble Stone Exporters, Manufacturers & Suppliers in Rajasthan.
Granite is made by solidification and cooling of magma deep within the earth over a period of millions of years. It is known as an igneous rock because of its origin from the cooling down of molten Magma. During the process of heating and then slow cooling, granite forms as an exceedingly hard material.
Granite consists of primarily Feldspar, Quartz which are very hard minerals.
Marble is known as metamorphic stone as it is made by the transformation of another type of stone called sedimentary stone. Sedimentary rocks form from sediments in the earth combined with buried plant life under the earth over a long period of time. These sedimentary rocks get metamorphosed into marble beneath intense heat and pressure. This method incorporates different minerals into the marble that can provide the stone engaging colors.
To find out which one is better, it is important for you to pay more attention to longevity and hardness. Granite is the stronger and harder natural stone out of these two options. In fact, granite is one of the strongest natural stones available out there in the world. Granite is resistant to heat. Therefore, it has got the ability to withstand the heat that will get, while you prepare food. Due to this reason, you can think about getting granite tops to your kitchen without keeping any doubts in mind.
You should also keep in mind that marble is vulnerable to the fading of color. In other words, a marble countertop will look dull after a short period of time. You will not be able to get back the shine of such a dull marble countertop. This can also be considered as an irreversible process. Therefore, you will have to face a lot of hassle in the long run.
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