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What is 'Second-Line' Oracle Database Support and how is it useful?

Press Release: February 16, 2010

The support required could be an extra pair of hands, some extra Oracle or SQL Server skills, or some extra Oracle and/or SQL Server knowledge. If there is a gap in internal skills, knowledge or manpower, Second-Line Support plugs that gap. It's that simple.

Examples of 'Second-Line Support' include:

DBA Cover for DBA's that are off sick or on holiday for any period of time. This can usually be delivered on-site or remotely with varying cost implications.

Project Assistance and Consultancy for specific projects where extra manpower, skills and knowledge are required. Assistance can be delivered for projects such as: Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions; Implementation of Backup and Recovery solutions; Planning and Implementing Virtualisation Projects; Oracle and SQL Server database Installations and Support; Planning and Implementing Clustering Projects; Unix/Linux and Windows Operating System Support and System Health Checks.

Up to 24x7x365 'always open' helpdesk that can be used by internal DBA teams as an advice line, or even to request remote assistance from an on-duty Oracle or SQL Server DBA.

Undertaking basic tasks to free up DBA time for more involved projects, with regular contracted remote database performance tuning, patching and health checking delivered by your Second-Line Support provider.

How is 'Second-Line' Support useful?

'Second-Line Support' for Oracle and/or SQL Server database allows organisations to maintain a consistent standard of database operation regardless of dips in DBA manpower, skills and workload.

It essentially allows you to borrow DBA resource for as long as you need it, pay for what you use, and stop using it as soon as the work is done.
How can 'Second-Line' Support for Oracle and SQL Server database be delivered?

'Second-Line' Support is usually delivered on a contractual or an ad-hoc basis, either by telephone if the support required is advice or guidance, or by remote database connection if the support required involves work on the database.

Remote work should be delivered securely. Xynomix deliver remote 'Second-Line Support functions such as health checks, Oracle and SQL Server installations and database upgrades over a guaranteed secure Virtual Private Network [VPN]. This is as safe and effective as an on-site DBA connecting to perform administration from inside your building.

Xynomix are one of only 30 Oracle Certified Business Partners in the UK and offer more than 100 years collective experience in Oracle Database technology and support platforms, including Oracle RAC. For more information on Oracle Support and Oracle consultancy, visit our website at http://www.xynomix.com.

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