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What Is Power Token?

Press Release: January 02, 2020

Member of ES community, who has staked ES in TimeAlly DApp receives Power Token as a reward on the Swappers Walls platform. This Power Token is received on a monthly basis by TimeAlly holders from ES NRT.

The Idea of Power Token was introduced in Era Swap Ecosystem to promote appreciation, encouragement, charity, and donations by powerful people of the Era Swap community, for the needy ones. TimeAlly holders receive Power Tokens for holding ES. And it should be notified that, these Power Tokens can`t be consumed by themselves instead they can share it with anyone or with someone like their friends, colleagues, users who are using Swappers Walls, as a reward to encourage and appreciate them. This has to be distributed within 30 days or else Tokens will get burn after this duration.

Power Tokens are always received by end-users in 50% liquid and 50% in TimeAlly.

Important Factors about Power Token:

l Power Token can be utilized to launch, encourage and appreciate on Swappers- Wall platform

l It helps the ES community to monetize their social activity through Swappers Walls

l You can share and add powers to others, and spread happiness with just using Power Token

l It empowers TimeAlly Holder to encourage newbies and talents on Swappers Walls

l By distributing the Power Tokens to the needy one on Swappers Walls, TimeAlly Holders can create memories

l By using Power Token on Swappers Walls, TimeAlly Holders can influence others for success

l Among the Community on Swappers Walls, TimeAlly Holders can spread positivity using Power Tokens

Community members who have stacked in Time Ally Dapp will receive Power Tokens which they can distribute to anyone on Swappers Wall for good behavior, quality projects, services, ratings, and stories. Swappers Wall is a social networking platform on Time Swappers platform based on the Blockchain Technology that promotes and enables interaction between family, friends, peers, and colleagues. The goal of Swappers Wall is to connect & reward Era Swap (ES) tokens to users and the community through their stories, posts, videos or photos, etc.

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