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What is MEP and What Does it Mean in Construction?

Press Release: March 04, 2019

MEP is an acronym that stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. These three technical disciplines encompass the systems that make building interiors suitable for human occupancy. MEP installations are addressed together due to the high degree of interaction between them, and also to avoid conflicts in equipment locations — a common problem when electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems are designed in isolation.

Benefits of Working with MEP Design Companies:

§ Installation costs are reduced

§ Optimizing material requirements

§ Achieving high performance and code compliance

Where MEP Design are mostly used?

This is very valuable in the city like New York, where building ownership costs are very high and construction codes are very demanding. In addition to the NYC Building Code, there is a dedicated code for each of the three MEP fields:

1. NYC Mechanical Code

2. NYC Electrical Code

3. NYC Plumbing Code

Before proceeding with any project that involves MEP installations in NYC, keep in mind that there are licensing requirements for both design professionals and installation contractors. Only a Registered Design Professional (RDP) can get MEP designs approved with the NYC Department of Buildings, and only licensed contractors can get work permits.

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M: Mechanical Engineering

Different kinds of mechanical frameworks are utilized in private, business and modern structures. Be that as it may, three sorts represent the greater part of the mechanical plan work in multifamily and business developments:

§ Space warming

§ Cooling

§ Mechanical ventilation

These frameworks associate to keep temperature and moistness inside a range that gives solace and wellbeing. Mechanical ventilation likewise guarantees that enough outside air is provided to protect toxin fixations at low and levels.

Mechanical establishments work taking care of business when gear limit is sufficient; in opposition to prevalent thinking, over designing brings many negative outcomes. For instance, larger than average chillers and boilers will in general cycle quickly, making room temperature variances and wearing out hardware at a quickened pace.

Another outcome of over designing in mechanical frameworks is poor control of indoor mugginess. ASHRAE suggests keeping relative moistness somewhere in the range of 30% and 60% to make indoor spaces ideal for human inhabitance, and there are negative results when mugginess falls outside this range for expanded periods. For instance, low dampness can bother the skin and aviation routes, while high mugginess invigorates the development of shape and microscopic organisms.

Other than measuring HVAC hardware accurately, mechanical plan includes spreading out ideal courses for warmth appropriation frameworks: air pipes, hydronic funneling or steam channeling, whichever applies for the undertaking. On the off chance that ignition machines are utilized, which is the situation for most space warming frameworks in NYC structures, these must be legitimately vented to guarantee that destructive burning items are expelled.

E: Electrical Engineering

In skyscraper developments, for example, those ordinarily found in NYC, one of the principle challenges in electrical plan is characterizing the ideal courses for conductor and wiring. Be that as it may, there will in general be more adaptability than in mechanical frameworks, since electrical circuits require considerably less space and can be directed around obstructions all the more effectively. With the guide of MEP structure programming, conductor and wiring can be spread out while limiting absolute circuit lengths, and dodging area clashes with mechanical and plumbing establishments.

Lighting establishments are the electrical framework with the most noteworthy vitality utilization in most NYC structures, and building counseling firms regularly propose LED lighting thus. Numerous MEP plan programming bundles are equipped for reproducing lighting, so as to decide the ideal number of installations and their areas.

Central air is a territory that requires close cooperation among mechanical and electrical specialists amid the MEP configuration process. Mechanical specialists figure warming and cooling burdens to decide gear limits, while electrical architects structure the electrical circuits and security estimates that enable this hardware to work consistently and securely. In NYC, just heaters and boilers utilize generally non-renewable energy sources as a vitality source; forced air systems, chillers, air-dealing with frameworks and hydronic siphons all work with power in most by far of cases.

P: Plumbing Engineering

Pipes establishments in NYC are additionally subject to different specialized prerequisites. Much the same as mechanical and electrical establishments, plumbing requires spreading out complex channeling courses, and MEP structure programming generally utilized by building firms to improve the procedure.

Pipes establishments connect with both mechanical and electrical frameworks at numerous focuses, which accentuates the significance of joint effort among configuration groups:

§ High-rise buildings typically need water booster pumps, which run with electricity.

§ Residential high temp water frameworks regularly get their warmth through one of the accompanying designs: a committed evaporator, a warmth exchanger associated with a space warming kettle, or an electric warmer (a traditional opposition radiator or a warmth siphon).

Flame assurance configuration can be trying, since NYC codes are particularly requesting in that specialized field. Notwithstanding the material codes from the NYC Department of Buildings and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Local Law 26 of 2004 makes programmed flame sprinklers are compulsory for all business inhabitances taller than 100 feet. The law applies retroactively notwithstanding to exist developments, where the due date to finish the building redesign is July 1, 2019.

Included Value of MEP Design

When structuring building frameworks, an incorporated MEP designing methodology yields preferred outcomes over indicating each building framework in separation. Cooperations between building frameworks can be particularly hard to facilitate when the plan procedure is disconnected, and hardware area clashes are in all respects likely.

On the off chance that a cutting edge MEP plan programming is utilized, the estimation of the 3D display created amid the structure stage goes past the development procedure. The model can be rationed as reference for support exercises, and can be refreshed alongside the working amid a noteworthy redesign. When all is said in done, a working with a MEP designing model is less demanding to oversee and support than another building where just traditional development plans are accessible

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