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What future of skiing looks like

Press Release: July 03, 2015

People enjoy skiing and snowboarding, but for some being just an amateur is not enough, that is why they search for places to practice their skills. Due to this fact ski clubs are gaining more and more popularity, and Proleski club is not an exception. The company provides special ski simulators that are more effective than any other type of training, and soon these unique machines can be accessible not only in Russia, China and Europe, but in many other countries as well – Proleski offers an exclusive franchising business offer.
The concept of Proleski ski club is quite simple: adults and children may practice skiing, snowboarding, biathlon and other connected activities on various simulators that re-create the conditions of real slalom. All the models starting from optimal and finishing by professional ones are tilted with the help of unique software and hardware introduced by Proleski team. It is not just a training facility, it is a perfect entertaining machine. Ski simulators can be installed in fitness centers, shopping centers, sport clubs and etc.
Compared with training on the open air (i.e. on resorts and wild alpine slopes), such way of practice allows overcoming longer distances for shorter periods and for less money. The creators have also thoroughly worked out protection system – in case of trainee failure tape can be immediately stopped. Moreover, ski simulator is suitable even for 3-year old children! Regardless of your age and skill you can always be under supervision of a qualified trainer – he controls simulator work via remote operation device.
Users in China, Poland, Russia and Ukraine have already evaluated this club and its endless slopes. Now Proleski wants to share this great experience with you and offers exceptional conditions for franchising business. You can easily open ski resort in your city with our help on all stages of development. We provide not only Proleski endless slopes and simulators, but all the required information concerning opening and work of the enterprise. Our managers give ample answers for all questions, and we help to implement such services as: repairing of equipment and updating of software, arrangement of catering facilities, advertising and marketing programs, etc.
Proleski club has proved its success not only due to satisfied customers, but through the appreciation of professionals: Olympic athletes claim it is a perfect way to train skills! You can enjoy riding these simulators, too. See more at: http://proleski.com/

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