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“What Follows the Trees” by C Rhys Grey-Jones is published

Press Release: October 09, 2020

  ISBN #978-1800316010

“What Follows the Trees” by C Rhys Grey-Jones is published


A journey of discovery and connection with the spirit world, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones


About the Book:


For Paul Innes, it would be a day like no other for him. The day he decides to end his life and return home after sixty years born.

A mysterious stranger appears and Paul`s life will never be the same again by way of meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends who help him on his way to a new life, a life he had forgotten and cast aside through his own actions and lack of belief.

A journey of tears and laughter awaits him as he reconnects with himself and others and the realisation that life is better lived than a life lost. For those he meets, things will also never be the same and their lives will too be changed forever. Friendships are secured, safe in the knowledge that age is no barrier for personal change.

A reconnection with loved ones in the spirit world brings messages of love and continuing proof that they are always with us and ready to help us at any time.


Excerpt from the book:

“I had thought about Jack and Rosie many times as to why they were showed to me that day. They both had healed in their own way, Jack with his father and Rosie with her aunt and with herself.

I certainly had healed too.

We all had much to be grateful for. It had been an absolutely incredible experience and we had come to the end of our journey.

It was the start of a new journey for us all!

I don`t think that we could honestly believe what had all gone down in the short time we had all been together.

The events of the day that I was going to take my own life had faded into whatever you want to call it.

Nobody talked about it and I did my best to erase it from my memory. It was a road that I had taken that I had never travelled down before, but I had grown so much since travelling down it and my dark night of the soul brought me back to life and love again.

We were all connected in one way or another, strange how it all had worked, but as I remember a friend telling me years ago, “the spirit world is a world of intelligence”

By the time the other three had arrived, the energies were much stronger. Diana felt them. She paused for a second when coming in the living room and as I looked at her, I knew that she was feeling them too.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds and her face broke into a wonderful smile. I knew, that she knew, that it was special!”


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