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What do people send at Christmas? The top 10 items revealed

Press Release: December 08, 2020

This Christmas more people than ever will be posting gifts to family and friends and if you’re looking for inspiration, the top ten most popular items to send at Christmas have been revealed in a recent study.

More than 30k shipments were analysed by Parcel Monkey, a price comparison website for parcel delivery services, to find out what people send in the UK at Christmas.

Coming in at a unanimous number one was clothing. It may be the hardest gift to get right, but over 20% of the parcels sent in December contained items of clothing. That’s right, the stereotype Christmas gift of socks or a jumper isn’t that far from the truth. Socks may have only been declared in 162 shipments but we’re sure there were more!  

Books were a popular second choice, accounting for 16% of shipments, followed by homeware items (cue all those random kitchen appliances) and toys and games. 

Also in the top ten were hampers, video games, pictures and vinyl records which are sent 45% more often than CDs. 

However, there were some more surprising findings showing that when it comes to sending gifts, people aren’t afraid to think outside the box. Some of the more unusual items sent during December included bagpipes, a parachute, Darth Vader garden ornaments, a robot mop, a portable ice maker and a signed Aliens photograph (we assume by Sigourney Weaver herself).

Here are the top 10 most popular items to send at Christmas:

  1. Clothing 
  2. Books 
  3. Homeware items 
  4. Toys/games 
  5. Hampers
  6. Shoes
  7. Video games 
  8. Pictures/artwork
  9. Laptops 
  10. Vinyl records 


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