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What Are The Dangers Of Buying Counterfeit Batteries For Your Medical Devices

Press Release: November 18, 2020

Medical devices are crucial in the provision of medical services as well as in monitoring patients. And it goes without saying that these devices should be of high quality -- and are powered by genuine battery packs. Unfortunately, the issue of counterfeit batteries is rampant in the field of medicine.

In this article, we’re discussing the dangers of these fake batteries.

Consequences of Counterfeit Batteries

The use of a medical battery is especially helpful for portable devices. However, they also serve as a dependable backup for those that need a continuous power supply.

When counterfeit batteries are used, the devices they supply power to will be rendered unsafe and unreliable for the patients involved. In the worst cases, it can be a matter of life-and-death situation -- especially when the device that needs to be used is a life-critical one such as ventilators. Fake batteries can also decrease the life of medical devices.

Apart from the immediate consequences to the patient, these batteries can also affect the reputation of the healthcare facility and the device’s manufacturer. Take note that fake batteries use the logo or trademark of a manufacturing company; hence, when the device fails to perform its function, it is usually the operator and the device itself that get the blame first.

To curb the use of counterfeit batteries, the government is also prompted to heighten their efforts in tracking down the suppliers of these rather hazardous batteries.

Tips: Preventing Being a Victim of a Fake Medical Battery

To help combat the issue of fake medical batteries, anyone who works in the healthcare field or is involved in taking care of a patient should know how to spot counterfeit ones.

Research about the manufacturer. Manufacturers are aware of the prevalence of fake batteries in the market. As a countermeasure, they're equipping original ones with features that will separate them from fake ones -- including seam serial numbers, quality battery wraps and stickers.

Beware of visible defects. If the battery has visible burn marks, scratches and rust spots, you have to avoid using it for your medical device. This is why it's important to thoroughly inspect the batteries you're buying or you've bought before inserting it to your medical gear and machines.

Buy only from trusted suppliers. If you want to really prevent getting hold of fake batteries and avoid spending for such dangerous counterfeits, it's best to procure these items only from a credible vendor. Look into their license and certification -- and research if they're indeed allowed to sell batteries from recognised manufacturers.

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