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What are terminal blocks – uses and types?

Press Release: September 28, 2020

In simple words, Terminal Blocks are connectors that are used to connect wires, circuits or a system unit together. There are many shapes, sizes, ranges, ratings and varieties of terminal blocks available in the market. They are usually modular and plays a pivotal role in automation control systems. Even till sometime back terminal blocks were referred to as screw terminals. Use and application of terminal blocks is also seen in field wiring and panel mounted equipment.

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Terminal block bodies are usually made of thermoplastic material noted for its high insulation, high inflammability, insulation and track resistance. Popular terminal blocks used in the electric industry are Double Level & Triple Level Terminal Blocks, Standard Feed through Terminals, Multiple connection Terminals, Micro Terminal Blocks, CT connection, Fuse Terminals, Bus bar Terminals and Grounding or Earth Terminal Blocks.

Elmex is a trusted supplier of all kinds of cage clamp type terminal blocks.

Terminal blocks usually have a diode in between circuit for reverse polarity. Some terminal blocks also have LED indicator light that cross verifies that light current is available in the device. One special feature of pluggable terminal block is – the circuit might remain broken. This allows quick testing, maintenance and disconnection.

Elmex supplies spring clamp terminal block and accepts bulk orders of spring clamp terminal blocks.

Terminal blocks standard signals usually range from 1-5 V or 4-20 mA. Terminal blocks also support high voltage rating and amperage current rating. Based on voltage and current requirement, mechanical strength and number of wires, now you can order your preferred type of terminal block from Elmex.

Elmex is a trustworthy company offering wire termination technology products. If you have any requirement of terminal blocks, contact the Elmex team now.

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