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What are Ceramic Ring and Its Properties?

Press Release: March 10, 2021

Ceramic Rings planned essentially from the Ranching Ring with the cross-parcels inside to expand the surface and improve the exchange proficiency. Cross Partition Ring is a pressing planned invariably out of ceramic ware, intended for arrangement in stilling’s as a part of continuing effort or preparations. Any curve ring has an adjoining hole on one side for drawing off dampness and later on set up throughout and about, and on different sides - holes that facilitate stacking rings up to top position in the column. The partitioning’s designed by procedure of engraving to assist in conjugating the sections of rings that are put in vertically into columns to store. On request, there is a variant of chemical preparation of rings 


Ceramic rings have such properties: have a high specific surface area, significant free volume, that have a low specific gravity in order to produce a minimum pressure on the support structure, exerting was insignificant resistance to gas flow, efficiently distributed out over the surface of the liquid . It has an edge over other arrangements of packing due to the fact that its small free volumes between adjacent ceramic rings promote mass transfer rates. Higher gas permeability of ceramic as compared to metal means less possibility of permeation loss.

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