Press Release: April 06, 2010

Just fewer than 1 in 3, 29%, of Brits admit to checking their phone one every ten minutes.

62% of people from the West Midlands said they couldnt go a day without their phone, compared to just 11% of respondents from the South West and 21% of people living in Yorkshire and Humberside.

58% of people in the South East think they wouldnt be able to go a day without their mobile, whilst 44% from the North West said the same and 39% of East Midlanders also claimed 24 hours without their phone would be too hard to bear. Only 15% of people from North Eastern areas and 13% of Eastern respondents said the same.

On average, people in the South West only check their phone once every two hours, according to the study of 3,086 mobile phone owners, compared to every 15 minutes in the South East and the North West. In Yorkshire and Humberside, the respondents claimed to check their phone every hour on average, whilst in the East Midlands, people said they look for missed calls or texts every half an hour.

In the North East, people also claimed to check their mobile at least once every hour, whilst people in Eastern areas were less bothered and claimed they check their phone every hour and a half.

The most to least mobile phone obsessed regions, in terms of the respondents who claimed to check their phone every 10 minutes, are;

1.West Midlands 58%
2.London 49%
3.South East 31%
4.North West 25%
5.East Midlands 24%
6.Yorkshire & Humberside 22%
7.North East 19%
8.Eastern 18%
9.South West 16%

Neil McHugh, co-founder of http://www.rightmobilephone.co.uk, said;

As a nation, were a pretty obsessive country when it comes to mobile phone usage, but after finding an increasing number of users on our site from the West Midlands, we wanted to see if there was any correlation between mobile phone dependency and location, which evidently there was!

It can be tempting to check your phone every five minutes, especially if its on silent and youre unsure of whats come through. The fact mobile phones are so integral in todays society, for communication purposes and the functions they offer, makes it difficult to go without them.

LINK http://www.rightmobilephone.co.uk


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