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Well-Known Influencer, Prettykeli, Releases a Meditation Series So-Called "The Vibe" On YouTube

Press Release: July 13, 2020

A new series, namely “The Vibe,” will be released by one of the well-known influencers, PrettyKeli. This series is made for all the women out there who want to elevate their lives through meditation. This newly released series consists of very relaxing music that will also be available on Spotify. Listening to this series will surely help you keep calm, relax, and create better habits.

PrettyKeli, as a vlogger, YouTuber, and influencer who aims to help women to achieve the body and life they have always dreamed of. Through her vlogs, she spreads her knowledge about nutrition, weight loss, and fitness. She also gives guides and tips on do’s and don’ts that are pretty cool and effective. Learning more about PrettyKeli and her tips is easy through her YouTube channel.

Another thing that can help us to improve our physical and emotional health is meditation music. The sound of music is best to be a healing therapy for decreasing anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and more. As music can help alter an individual’s behavior, mood, and has a good effect physically.  From the past up to these present years, music has served as a calming cure and a great partner in meditation.

Meditation music brings clarity in mind, allowing new and positive ways and or mindset. Once regularly observed, it develops a transformative effect leading to better life decisions and lifestyle. The effectiveness of music meditation in helping to heal one’s body, mind, spirit, dates way back in ancient Greece, in which the music is used to cure mental illnesses. Since then, music is used for many purposes, and there are extremely high expectations for PrettyKeli’s series.

As the goodness of having music meditation, PrettyKeli came up with a Meditation series for all women, but especially women who want to meditate. The series consists of various music that will surely keep us relaxed, calm, remove stress, improves physical health, and others. The series works best when sitting or lying down while listening. It creates a special effect on the subconscious mind that has lasting effects.

Having meditation music is life-changing for many people that have already been observing this type of meditation. And as a result, they become a better version of themselves. They also made better life decisions and had a clearer mindset. It is designed to improve your lifestyle when listening to “The Vibe” Meditation Series by PrettyKeli.

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