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WelkerMedia Will Provide Under 25 Activists With Grants And Investments To Fight “Trumpization”

Press Release: April 28, 2017

WelkerMedia, creative community and independent media network, announces an annual Fellowship program with a mission to support creative youth in the fields of digital activism and creative ventures under 25 years old. The grants will be provided to projects that were featured by WelkerMedia selection committee since April 15 to November 15. Awards include: exclusive mentoring and support, media coverage and exposure within WM outlets, grants up to $15.000, funding options up to $100.000.

Sonya Romanovsky, WelkerMedia Fellowship Operations Manager:
There is a tricky situation. On the one hand we have a multi-billion dollar venture industry and thousands of programs for techies. On the other hand, we are gradually entering an era of the post-truth, “trumpization” and growth of authoritarianism in different parts of the world, when we really need enthusiastic game changers in social, public and creative fields. Our mission is to support such initiatives thereby empowering this niche.

How To Apply
WelkerMedia Fellowship is exclusive to young creatives in the fields of digital activism and creativity. Categories include: social and public projects, activist campaigns or initiatives with a valuable social impact, art works and creative solutions.
To be eligible, applicants must be under 25 years old. The program has partial geographical restrictions. To the moment the list of eligible countries includes: The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Russia.

The Selection Process
Fellowship selection committee is formed from a group of WelkerMedia staff, board of experts and investors, including entrepreneur Artem Welker.
Calendar 2017
Submission Period: April 15 - October 15
Review Window: September 1 - November 1
Grants Awarded/Recipients Announced: November 15
If you want to suggest your project for the 2017 nomination, please visit the following page, accurately check out our guidelines and fill out a form.

Grants And Funding
WelkerMedia™ Foundation is a designated fund that provides grants up to $15.000 based on donations from WelkerMedia Inc., external organizations, community members and other donors.
WelkerMedia™ Foundation also provides custom funding options up to $100.000 based on investments from WelkerMedia Inc., external funds, co-investors and partners.

About WelkerMedia
WelkerMedia is a media company and community that has a mission to provide a new generation of creators and activists with a full access to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their ventures, creative potential and lifes. It includes: WM Foundation, WM Daily, Creators Shop & Network.
Headquarters: Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Moscow
Industry: Media Production
Company Size: 100< employees

Partnerships and interview requests:
Sonya Romanovsky
Fellowship Operations Manager

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