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Welcome to Sportizzle: Social Network Focusing On Sports Communities 

Press Release: January 08, 2019

New Social Media Platform Filters Out The Noise To Focus Specifically On Sports 

NORTH DEVON, UK – January 6th, 2019 – Sportizzle Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its new social media platform which aims to bring together the sporting world like never before, accessible via website/mobile devices at www.Sportizzle.com. 

Sportizzle is a sports focused social media platform which allows users to contribute to communities of over 127 different sports.  Sportizzle launches with a unique content personalisation feature that filters out all unwanted information and presents the user with only the sports content they want to see. By selecting their favourite sports, the platform customises the users experience to only show relevant content; this includes within the main feed, jobs, advertisements and contacts.

“In a world where traditional social media content is becoming irrelevant and cluttered, Sportizzle serves the needs and desires of people who want news, views and opinion only from the sports they are interested in.  We have created a platform that empowers the user to decide what content they want to see whilst still retaining the features of a traditional social media platform. The platform’s sole focus is Sport, if it’s not sport related it doesn’t belong on Sportizzle” said Bryan Steers, CEO and Founder of Sportizzle Ltd. 

More than just Sports News

The site’s functionality is a traditional mix of social media actions and network building features, including:

- Content creation, sharing, likes and social interaction with connections

- SportizzMail – internal mail between connections 

- SportizzCV – allowing definition of sporting experience and qualifications (downloadable)

- Groups within the sporting communities that include companies, content creators, institutions and associations.

- Sports industry job opportunities – that can be applied for directly from the SportizzCV 

“Sports news and information is so vastly spread we wanted a single place for users to view a summary of what’s going on in their favourite sports.  The unique social feed brings together content from across a vast array of credited sources to present a user with headlines that they can choose to read in further detail from the source. No longer do our users have to visit multiple sites to get the latest news, it’s delivered to their feed, alongside content from their favourite bloggers, sports competitors and sporting companies” 

A whole lot of Sport

Sportizzle understand the diversity of the sports industry, with competitors, industry participants and fans interested in more than just a single sport.  The platform addresses this by asking the users to select 3 preferred interests, from a list of 127 different sports, which then drives the content displayed on a 50%/30%/20% basis. Users can change their preference at any point and the platform with re-customise the content.  

Keeping the cost down 

Sportizzle also acknowledges the cost of following and competing in modern sporting activities is ever increasing so have ensured the cost to register is free.  This does result in the need for advertising, however, Advertisements are also customised so are relevant to the selections made by the user and limited to 3 per page (located outside the main feed in size limited areas)

Show your worth 

SportizzCV is a unique feature that allows users to detail their experiences within the sports industry, whether that’s Centre Back for Barkington Rovers Sunday league or Goal Attack for Northamptonshire County Netball Squad, the platform allows a detailed record of experiences alongside all skills and qualifications.

SportizzCV is then available to use as the basis of applications to the vast array of job opportunities within the Sports sector, from Associations, Clubs and Institutions to sports related Retailers and Manufacturers the platform caters for all job roles at all levels.  Applications for any role is at the click of a button and progress can be tracked. 

Real time connections at your fingertips. 

With Sportizzle, you can send instant, private messages to your connections or a group of connections seamlessly, with a full record of every message.

Sportizzle is currently available through the website and optimised for mobile devices, with plans to roll out an App in the very near future. To register for an account today, visit Sportizzle online at www.sportizzle.com 

About Sportizzle Ltd 

Founded in 2017, Sportizzle is a sport focused social media platform with offices in North Devon and Cambridgeshire.  Bringing together a mix of technology professionals, sports industry veterans and sports athletes to create interactive communities for every sport.  By allowing the user to focus on their preferred sports, Sportizzle simplifies the experience of living and breathing a passion that takes over most people’s lives.   www.sportizzle.com

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Bryan Steers

Sportizzle Ltd


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