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Welcome To Rentabartenderis Bar Services And Event Staffing

Press Release: December 03, 2019

Welcome To Rentabartenderis Bar Services And Event Staffing

Are you planning a party? The holidays are fast approaching, and time seems to speed up this time of year, Rentabatender.ca can help ‘serve’ you and guest.

We supply bartenders, servers, and make mixologists. (Think of the difference being between that of a cook and a chef, or drinks vs cocktails) the best part is that its BYOB! Selling you liquor for your event is how many other companies make their money. Not us, we supply you with a list as what you need to pick up for your drink menu.

Enjoy Indulgent Collection Of Cocktails At Rentabartender.Ca
Planning the event, whether a hold party yard office party, is very time intensive and too expensive not to go the extra*inch*. All of this work just offer vodka soda, beer and wine? For small premium we offered a junior mixologists, which is a hybrid between the two, will offer all the basics if you simply cocktails in addition to other to that. A great value and an excellent idea for the holiday season.

The holidays are a time to connect with friends and family. It’s easy to be hectic, these few moments are rare, and make memories that will have for years to come. Will help make all of that easier, allow you to focus on what matters. Cocktails are great way to add novelty and excitement to your event, it gives your guest a chance to interact with the bartender, and break the ice, because let’s face it; this will be your guest first stop. I will be happy to let would know where the washrooms are. See more mailto:info@rentabartender.com


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