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Welcome to Horizons Adventures COME ON IN… THE WATER’S FINE

Press Release: September 28, 2019

Follow These Beginners Lessons When Going For Sea Kayaking

Summary: If you would like to give kayaking a try before deciding to take it up seriously, then you should try recreational kayaking first.

Recreational kayaking is usually recommended as the starting point for all beginners. The reasons are simple

1.) Recreation kayaking does not require you to develop a lot of paddling skills
2.) You can make do with the minimum gear
3.) You don't need a specialized kayak as required for white-water or sea kayaking
4.) It's fun and has less risk involved

The best places to try out Recreation Sea Kayaking Tours are

a.) Kansas
b.) Missouri
c.) Oklahoma

In fact, you can head for recreational kayaking in any shallow water lake in your area. Popular rivers include the Kansas River and Arkansas River.

After a few months of recreational kayaking you might want to switch over to sea kayaking, touring or white-water kayaking.

Developing the right skills by following these Sea Kayak Lessons:

If after a few weeks of recreational kayaking, you feel that you should take up this sport seriously then you need to start honing your skills.

It is important to develop a few good habits which will hold you in good stead when you start white water kayaking and sea kayaking. The most important ones are

1.) The proper use of your paddles
2.) Your pose while kayaking (most beginners fall into the bad habit of slouching)
3.) Direction sense (would play an important role in sea kayaking)
4.) Understanding the pros and cons of each kayaking gear involved
5.) Executing advanced skills like rolling

With time you will learn about the nuances of kayaking gears and how they will add to your comfort and control.

Buying the beginners gear

You may not want to start off with professional gear, which is more expensive. Start out buying a gear which would suit you better as a beginner. With time you begin to understand your needs and purchase gear more suited for it.

The most important gear is the kayak itself. Kayaks come in different widths, length and cockpit space. Some kayaks have a keel while some come with "no keel".

For touring and sea kayaking, most advanced kayakers prefer to have their kayaks fitted with rudders.

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