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Wedding Forum - The New Online Portal for Wedding Ideas and Big Day Preparation

Press Release: April 13, 2010

Wedding Forum is the brilliant new online portal for all your wedding needs – whether you’re the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaid, father of the bride or even just a guest! Packed with advice, features and a bustling message board brimming with wedding discussion, you simply can’t go wrong.

For the bride and groom, it’s the biggest day of their life and incredible amounts of preparation are invested to make the day run as smoothly as possible, but invariably it takes a huge amount of effort from a number of people – Wedding Forum’s online community are right on hand to lend their support.

With so much to focus on, there’s always something that slips through the net. Have you thought about wedding marquee hire? The cars? The vows? The bar service? The toastmasters? What about a DJ and a magician? Absolutely everything is covered to ensure you can stress less.

For example, here’s some quick advice on a couple of popular topics of discussion at Wedding Forum:

Wedding Marquee Hire
Marquees can really bring your wedding to life and can convert a modest-sized reception area into a luxurious, spacious arena.

There are also many benefits of choosing wedding marquees over traditional wedding venues such as churches and the functions rooms of hotels. For example if you hold your wedding in a marquee you can completely personalise it around your own theme by using floral arrangements, guest seating, mood lighting, ambient background music and even the location of staging and live band areas.

Marquee hire companies often provide interior decor and some provide a selection of exterior decor to enhance the area around your wedding tent. For example some tent hire companies offer temporary wedding related props and picket fencing to add the touch of class to the entrance to your wedding.

Of course, wedding marquee hire can really eat into your budget so it’s something you’ll have to weigh up.

Wedding Gifts
In years gone by, it would be slightly frustrating for a couple to be showered with gifts that they’re not keen on, or even duplicate presents, and so wedding gift lists are now a popular method of ensuring the happy couple get what they want to set them on the road to married life. This can be the perfect scenario for everyone involved, as guests know they’re not making a risky purchase.

Guests understand when couples get married it's because they love each other - not because they're looking for wedding gifts! If you decide to have a gift list you can choose your wording carefully to ensure that your guests don't feel obliged to buy a gift. For example, a popular phrase to use is "It's your presence, not your present that we want!"

Even if you don't want your guests to buy gifts for you, you'll find that most people still want to give a gift as they feel it's the right thing to do - and they want to mark the occasion with a present. Without a gift list to guide your guests you could find yourselves inundated with gifts which you don't really want.

For more great tips and wedding ideas, register for free at WeddingForum.co.uk and in less than a minute, you can be picking the brains of thousands of fellow members who just love to help! 

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