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Wedding Decor Trends you will see in 2019

Press Release: June 03, 2019

Hey, Couples !! Any Idea for Latest Wedding Decor Trends ???? 🙂
Well It’s Ok if not, We can help you with more wedding decor trends ?? Because Marriage Season is on its way to your door. So be ready to think about the Wedding Decor Trends!!

So, the first question arises for you is Do you know the latest Wedding Decor Trends of 2019?
Well, before knowing wedding decor trends, you have to admit that this is very necessary to know the Latest & Creative trends going on in your Marriage party. Don’t Panic, and relax, you need to and leave all your worries to us because we are Bless Our Wedding who can help in all wedding planning services and decoration at your D day.

As one of the Best Wedding Planners in India, we have the list of every updated wedding decor company who is in trends that will help you host your Marriage with full style.

In this year, you will see the cookie-cutter trends that are actually versatile for every venues and budget. We comprise of the most interesting and coveted wedding decor ideas that include candles, linens, wedding colour palettes, signage and many more that you can also customize as per your choice.

So, not wasting your precious time, here is the list of 2019 Marriage Decor Trends all will love.

The Most Loved Decor: Candle Light
Refreshing !! Yeah !!

Feel Romantic !!

Well, you can choose various types of candle lights like – Pillar Candles, Taper Candles and Floating Candles which will be perfect for the decoration of your wedding venue.

Do you know what better you can do with candles for your venue decoration?

You can match candle with an antique holder depend on the look you are going for. You can also put candles on different heights and can also make a chandelier with the candle.

Natural Surrounding: Greenery
The nature-theme decor will be the best you can do at your wedding day.
Also, you can do Plantation on the occasion of your wedding. THAT WILL BE YOUR CONTRIBUTION FOR THE BETTERMENT OF NATURE.

Presently, everyone wants to have an indoor Marriage with the ascent of outdoor ambiance. With Greenery you can get the feel of outdoors inside.

The main benefit of this trend is – It is less expensive than flower decor.

Rattan Accents
Well, you may know this fact that today’s couples are turning to the vintage-inspired theme decor like bohemian weddings, rattan and wicker accents.

This theme decor includes high-back peacock chairs, lanterns suspended from the ceiling, rattan lounge furniture, or assorted wicker baskets displaying floral arrangement and more wooden details that will let your wedding party go back to the mid-50s.

Metallic Flatware
Metallic Flatware is now getting a huge rage. Couples are getting attracted to this theme for their venue decor.
The best way to explore this trend is to use during meals. It can also add a special touch to your tablescape.

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