Home Website optimisation 'must consider smartphone use'

Website optimisation 'must consider smartphone use'

Press Release: December 11, 2009

When developing their internet pages, firms must take note of good website optimisation practices, it has been advised.

As more people access the web on the move through smartphones and other handheld devices, it is important that website developers create pages that can be viewed on different operating systems, explains Tim Gibbon, co-founder of the Social Media Portal.

"All prudent website owners, whether social network-driven or not, should be building websites that are mobile-enabled to cater for not only the rise in device take-up, but more importantly the way in which they are being used," he commented.

Mobile phones are being built with better web capabilities and operating systems with social networking in mind, with internet access a selling point for many network operators.

A Gartner report this month revealed that smartphone sales hit 41 million units in the third quarter of this year.

Both BlackBerry and Apple increased their share of the market.

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