Home Web Design Agency Launches Carbon Offset Project

Web Design Agency Launches Carbon Offset Project

Press Release: September 02, 2020

Lewes, East Sussex, UK – September 2020 - A web and design company based in Lewes has committed to a tree-planting project as part of its carbon offset aims.


Lewes SEO, has embarked on a partnership with Brighton-based CLevel, which advocates carbon balancing – giving businesses a way to act on carbon, biodiversity and social impact.


Ms. Allison Laines said: "At Lewes SEO, we're proud to have partnered with C Level in carbon offsetting our entire operation.


"From web hosting to office space and transport, we've taken the initiative to plant trees as a means of offsetting our ecological footprint."


Having worked for multiple digital marketing agencies over the last decade, Miss Laines, formed Lewes SEO in 2006, to provide simple, affordable and effective online marketing solutions to all types of businesses.


Over the last few years, the company has designed over 150 websites, and helped scores of business find success via organic and paid search.


Allison has since built up a team of passionate professionals who all share the company ethos of maintaining transparency between client and consultant, educating clients so they understand what they’re doing, how and why.


CLevel, standing for (c)arbon level innovation and action, originated the terms 'Carbon Footprint' and 'Carbon Balanced' globally in 2000. CLevel  is a B-Corp Certified business with the single purpose of working with businesses to achieve carbon level impact through the combined natural powers of both ecosystems and communities.


For more about the services Lewes SEO offers, view their website: https://www.lewesseo.com/, email: info@lewesseo.com or call: 01273 004 116.

To discover more about CLevel, check their website: https://www.clevel.co.uk/.


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For more information, please contact:

Allison Laines

Tel: 01273 004 116

Email: info@lewesseo.com

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