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Weary Weight Watchers Blokes Dieting Secrets Revealed

Press Release: January 07, 2010

Weary Weight Watchers Blokes Dieting Secrets Revealed

A partners ultimatum would force 94 per cent to lose weight
89 per cent of men reluctant to diet because they dont want to be hungry
A quarter want a body like Daniel Craig
George Foreman Grills launches Special G healthy eating plan

Despite one in four British men* admitting they could do with losing a few pounds, a staggering 59 per cent still refuse to diet. In fact, according to a study out today, the only thing that would force them into following a healthy eating plan is if their partners threatened to leave them (94 per cent) or if their best mate started sporting a body like Beckhams (73 per cent).

George Foreman Grills research of 1,000 blokes reveals the main reason men dont diet because theyd have to cut out the pies and booze (94 per cent) and the belief theyd always be hungry! This is despite 55 per cent worrying about getting a beer belly and man boobs.

Dietings for Girls?
Eight out of ten (81 per cent) men under 34 worry their mates would poke fun at them because its something only women do, while 46 per cent admit they simply dont have the willpower to follow a diet. In fact a third have been on more than one diet this past year alone because they get so bored following the same eating plan.

Forgoing favourites
For many its the idea of what they would have to cut out of their weekly food and drink intake that puts them off slimming. The top five are:
Beer (34 per cent)
The local Chinese or Indian takeaway (24 per cent)
Puddings and treats (21 per cent)
Weekend fry up (17 per cent)
Toasties and melts (5 per cent)

To help these weary weight watchers, George Foreman Grills has created the ultimate healthy eating plan Special G. Devised by Dr Jennie Cockcroft, Director of Nutrition at Purely Nutrition, it is the first of its kind in the UK because it is specifically created for blokes.

The two-week plan available to download free of charge from www.georgeforeman.co.uk is packed full of versatile, tasty recipes which are quick and easy to prepare and means that blokes dont have to miss out on their favourite food and drink.

Dr Cockroft said: Obesity is high on the public health agenda so it was interesting to see from the survey that one of the key drivers for men to lose a few pounds is to improve their health and fitness (73 per cent). Losing weight can be a daunting prospect, as just the slightest hint of giving up favourite foods and going hungry can put people off starting on the road to weight loss success. And with all the different fad diets and conflicting information about, it can be hard to decide which one to follow and where to start.

The Special G diet plan is ideal for men because it provides a sensible, easy-to-follow framework, based on sound healthy eating principles, and which still includes favourite foods even dessert and snack options. This all means that hunger can be kept at bay, making the plan easier and even enjoyable to follow! By using this healthy eating menu people can create delicious and satisfying meals, using a healthy low fat cooking method, whilst maintaining a safe and steady rate of weight loss to help shift the pounds for good. Lots of houses already have George Foreman Health Grills and I would encourage men to use this as they are surprisingly versatile in the types of healthy recipes you can cook.

Gnther Giangregorio has certainly seen the benefits, with a weight loss of 6 pounds and reduced BMI. As the owner of a delicatessen, Gnther, 44, is constantly surrounded by temptation, a self confessed grazer who predominately eats at work.

Ive never planned eating in advance before, but with such a positive outcome in just two weeks Ill definitely look to keep it up. A more structured way of eating has helped eliminate my snacking and you cant argue with looser clothing. Plus the wife and kids seem to have enjoyed getting involved supporting me! Said Gnther Giangregorio.

Out of the famous diets men have tried, 17 per cent have followed Atkins while 12 per cent have braved Weightwatchers or Slimming World. And when it comes to which celebrity theyd most like to look like, unsurprisingly Bond star, Daniel Craig takes top spot (25 per cent), closely followed by David Beckham (21 per cent) and George Clooney (19 per cent).


Notes to editors:
*Source: netdoctor.co.uk, May 2009

Research carried out by YourSayPays:
All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YourSayPays. Total sample size was 1,000 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 2 9 November 2009. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

About George Foreman:
The first George Foreman grill was launched in 1996 and has gone on to sell a phenomenal 100 million grills worldwide. Its success is mainly due to its patented fat reducing grill design, but its speed, versatility and easy to use have also helped make George Foreman the preferred cooking appliance for millions of consumers.

About Purely Nutrition:
Purely Nutrition (www.purelynutrition.com) is a nutrition consultancy working with over 250 of the UKs leading registered nutritionists and dietitians. The companys aim is to be the first port of call for anyone needing reliable, unbiased, credible and up-to-date nutrition services. Purely Nutrition provides high quality, evidence-based nutritional advice at all times.

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