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We Review Top Five Innovative Echo Sites

Press Release: March 31, 2010

The topic of recycling is prominent in todays society but the amount of people actually taking part in the routine may not be as high as expected. It seems that we find it a chore to separate our plastics from our glass and the general waste. It has noted that 50% of the rubbish in our kitchen bin could in fact be recycled but we choose to ignore it.
There are many organisations making use of recycled products to help and support the environment. This article outlines the top five which have been discovered on the online world.

Remarkable - The name of this company speaks for itself as it provides products that have been cleverly created from general everyday waste we usually throw away. Edward Douglas Miller started this company by simply turning one plastic cup into a pencil that was fun and functional. The range then became wider with the introduction of products such as notebooks that have been formed using rubber from car tyres. The text on the notebook simply states I used to be a car tyre.

Love fair trade - A small family business that operates in a way that fights to reduce carbon footprint. All the products on the site are made from sustainable, raw and recycled goods. The most interesting and unique item in their range is a journal made out of elephant poo! (Dont worry it doesnt give off any odour)

Tredecim - A garden furniture supplier that is listed under the Royal Horticultural society. Their unique metal garden furniture is made from 100% recycled aluminium which has been put through an ecological process. The use of waste aluminium materials consumes only 5% of the energy needed to process aluminium from ore.

Your tomorrow - An organisation that sells ethical goods and donates 5% of all sales to charity. The products available from their site vary from unusual gifts to household products. When purchasing products from this site you can be sure that you have helped reduce waste, save power and reduce unnecessary packaging and transport.

So organic - A health and beauty retailer, encouraging people to adapt an organic life style by producing a range of quality products. They supply organic beauty products for women, men and babies and provide a wide range of skin care products. So organic use biodegradable packing materials and recycled boxes, and deliver through a carbon neutral parcel service.

We can see that so many environmentally friendly products are available and e-commerce sites are pushing these more than ever. There is no reason why we cant all take more responsibility and consider the environment when throwing out our household waste. Within the next couple of years recycling will become a priority and as the government produced Responsibility Obligations Regulations states, the recycling of packaging is to be increased to over 70% by 2020.

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