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We Provoke Emotion all in the name of Art - Artistic Expression Displayed at Bossy Showcase

Press Release: February 03, 2010

Creative Arts Networking Showcase & Afterparty

BOSSY- Creative Arts Showcase

"We Provoke Emotion All in the Name of Art"

A place for Artists, Fashion Designers and Music Acts to showcase work bringing the chance to meet others in the creative arts industry and networking opportunities.

Forget the usual normality of any fashion show you may have attended and get your mind geared towards a Creative Arts Showcase where anything is possible in the name of art.

Lucky London Management and Stitching The Gap will bring you a night that offers creative artists with a platform to tell a story through presentation of their work.

The showcase to be held on Saturday 27th Feb 2010 will be sure to inform you of where to get the unforgettable pieces showcased as well as the night having amazing coverage visually and by known press.

You can expect Fashion Designs from Booshie Bagz, S.I.B.W.T.Y, Feeling Mandy, Kakkoii Monstar, Ard Wear plus guest feature designers.

During the night, before the eyes of the audience, the Blight Society, a collective of street artists will present a live demonstrate of their work on the walls of Roxy. Further to their contribution, they will use their art as the fashionable background of the catwalk.

On the night there is an exclusive showing of internationally known Artist and Photographer Antonio Nodars latest project The Hand Bag Book.

The night also boasts music performances from Velvet Liberation, James Collins, Junior Brat, Jada Pearl, Roxxxane & Benny Bizzie plus guests.

A raffle and a celebratory after party, music provided by DJ Data = Mc Spice (Perfect Gents) & DJ Footloose (BBC 1 extra) playing the best in R&B, Hip Hop, UK Funky, Garage & House.

To be held at Roxy Bar and Screen a unique venue with a cutting edge digital screening facility to create a fantastic night.

Lucky London Management to offers a series of Bossy showcases, where our target audience can express their artistic talent find, exposure and surround themselves with others who share similar interests.

Confirmed involvement of night:

Art work

Blight Society
Antonio Nodar

Music Acts

Velvet Liberation
Jada Pearl
James Collins
Junior Brat
Benny Bizzie
Lyrically Touched


Feeling Mandy
Booshie Bagz
Ard Wear
(Guest Feature Designers)


DJ Footloose (BBC 1xtra)
DJ Data (Perfect Gents)


Sue Ellen Cohan


Urban Couture
Funky London Mag




Filmtography Media


Champagne Jaye & Axel

NO I.D NO Entry.

Dress Code: NO HOODS, Fresh Trainers OK

Price £12.00 all night prices includes showcase & afterparty

For concession list, press and guestlist please call

Laura 07780 211 431 Louisa 07780 211 432 & Tiwa 07754 981 512

Bossy "Official" After party in conjunction with "Can't Stop Won't Stop" @ Apothecary Bar - 3 Vale Royal, Kings Cross, London, N7 9AP - From 5 am

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