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We have designed a unique exercise that helps you learn touch typing within 30 days.

Press Release: October 25, 2020

Computer education is an essential part of our current educational system. It is used in schools, colleges, offices, railways or plane ticket booking and almost everywhere. In many professions, employees need to use a computer for a long time. Here having a good typing speed can help a lot. With a fast speed, you can complete your task fast and save a lot of time.

Many of us practice a lot but still unable to boost their typing speed after a certain limit. The reason they failed is they don’t follow the proper way of typing. Like any other subject, typing also has a rule book. And you have to follow the rules to boost up your typing speed. To know this grammatical way of typing many of us wanted to join typing classes.

OnlineTyping.org is a platform where you can join a typing class and practice its exclusive exercises. Its lessons are specially designed to learn typing from the basic label to the advance label. That’s mean it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already know a lot of typing, this program will help you to make your typing fast.

Although there are many free online typing test available on the internet, OnlineTyping.org has something special that can make your practice more productive. When you practice typing on an application you practice only a few words because most of the apps have a limited word database. That’s why it fetches the same words again and again. On the other side, OnlineTyping.org designed an advanced typing test program where you can practice with your own content. This will definitely improve your performance a lot.

Besides an extraordinary typing program, they have 9 typing games that are very attractive and great to learn the basics of typing. So beginners and kids can easily learn typing by playing their games.

If you have any query, feel free to mail OnlineTyping.org at contact@onlinetyping.org

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