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Waste Industry Disrupted By New App-Based Tech Business

Press Release: February 19, 2018

Collect My Waste, a high-tech, app-based waste and recycling business launched earlier this year, is already taking the waste industry by storm. This dynamic enterprise, Collect My Waste is backed by one of the most trusted and forward-thinking environmental consultancies in the UK and has been established to help SMEs benefit from low cost waste disposal that is flexible, reliable and legally compliant.

Waste collection for SMEs has historically been inflexible, costly and with little focus the client experience, but Collect My Waste, with state of the art technology not previously seen in the waste industry, is disrupting the market by connecting businesses across the UK with a network of conscientious, privately owned regional waste collectors with whom Collect My Waste have secured best terms. This will break the stranglehold that the large corporate waste collectors previously enjoyed.

Once businesses are set up, they can download the App free of charge and review or adjust waste collection schedules to precisely match their needs. Collect My Waste doesn’t need to operate an unwieldy fleet of its own refuse vehicle and drivers, and has no vested interest in the end point disposal facilities. It can therefore match the best possible operators locally and provide a friendly, low cost, flexible and efficient service for each individual client.

The unique Collect My Waste App enables clients to book their waste collections at any time, 24/7, receive notifications on each collection and even track the journey of their waste when it leaves their premises. This means they know exactly when to put out their bags or bins, eliminating those unsightly bins overflowing with waste being seen by clients or being ravaged by rodents or flying insects. It also enables clients to fulfil all of their Duty of Care obligations. This is a real benefit for companies that really care about their environmental impact and its effect on local communities.

The App also enables clients to alter their waste collection frequency in order to avoid having to pay for half empty bins to be emptied. This is far more cost effective than the traditional methods adopted by the large waste collectors who tend to offer little flexibility and charge clients a fixed bin rate regardless of how full the bins are. and

Collect My Waste Chief Executive, Andy Jacobs says of this bold development, “Along with ‘modern tech’ business such as Deliveroo and Uber, Collect My Waste will undoubtedly disrupt and shake up this creaking key business sector, forcing the large legacy operators to substantially up their game. Until then, Collect My Waste appear to be ‘leading the charge’.

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