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WASPA Re-Elects James McNab to the Board

Press Release: April 23, 2019

South Africa’s Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) recently amended its Constitution in a bid to better equip the non-profit industry association to represent the interests of its members while also pursuing a mobile consumer protection mandate.

WASPA’s new Constitution provides for a Board which replaces the former Management Committee structure in place since the Association’s founding in 2004.
Basebone’s Group Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director Africa, James McNab, has been re-elected to serve WASPA.

For the next year, McNab resumes his position as Vice-Chair and will be taking up the position of Chair for the Lobbying – Telco Affairs Committee.

He said after his re-election, “I view my role and involvement on the WASPA board as having responsibility and loyalty to serving the organisation, which in turn means serving the organisations members. I have an interest in facilitating and developing the organisation and being at the forefront of providing effective and efficient services in a transparent and accountable manner. As a Board member, I have a privileged obligation and a unique opportunity to promote the organisation and our industry. Over the years, the previous WASPA MANCOM has done a terrific job at identifying issues where the organisation can and should play an active role, such as a platform to inform and promote factful discussions on key issues that involve our industry.”

McNab has been with Basebone for the past 8 years, initially joining the company as Chief Operations Officer, before relocating to South Africa to take up his current role, where he oversees all carrier relationships and is responsible for our Kenyan, Nigerian and South African entities. He has served WASPA for the past 6 years, initially on their Management Committee, and now as part of the inaugural board. McNab was the organisations’ Chairman for 2017.

WASPA was founded in 2004 with its main aim to foster consumer confidence through self-regulation in an ever-changing technological environment as well as representing its members across the industry when dealing with government regulators and the Mobile Network Operators

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