Home "Warrington digital design agency launches a new website for YKK. “

"Warrington digital design agency launches a new website for YKK. “

Press Release: November 05, 2020

Warrington digital design agency launches a new website for YKK. 


Blue Whale Media has announced that they have launched a new website for the world-wide zip manufacturer YKK. 

The digital design agency in Warrington has been working on designing and launching YKK’s European website for nearly two years. 


The new website for the zip manufacturer, YKK, is aimed to target its European customers, which was designed by Blue Whale Media’s in-house website design team.


YKK was founded in 1934 and operates in over 72 countries across the globe. They are a global zip manufacturer who has continued to set industry standards for quality and service. 


YKK has made most zips on jeans, coats, bags and other clothing items, but their products are also used for personal protective equipment within the medical industry. 


YKK’s new website has an extensive menu with icons for easier navigation to create a better user experience throughout the overall website, as well as including links to their other websites from around the world. 


The website, designed and created by Blue Whale Media, will continue to offer the services and products that YKK has been manufacturing for over 80 years.


The website includes better functionality for their customers and a stronger brand identity thanks to the digital design agency. 


Gary, the director of Blue Whale Media, said: “It was a pleasure working with Lynn and the YKK management team on this website design project. 


“We are extremely happy to have finally got the new website live and we are looking forward to building the business relationship moving forward.”


For more information, or to speak to Blue Whale Media about their services, please contact Gary on 01925 552050 or head to https://www.bluewhalemedia.co.uk/

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